My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, September 28, 2009


It’s Monday and I’m so sleepy. I have a dr appointment at 2:30 in Gainesville and then I’m coming back to work because I need the hours. Austin went to school today and I begged him to tough it out – I don’t need any calls from the school asking me to pick him up. It didn’t help that Tasha called at 7am. I asked Austin what she wanted… he didn’t remember because he was ASLEEP when she called. I don’t know what’s up with that girl. Her current boyfriend came by our house yesterday to borrow a Wii game. Obviously there’s no animosity between he and Austin. She came by a little bit later to see where current bf was… oh the DRAMA of being a 15 year old girl!

Incidentally… I was at Jim and Angie’s recently and we were talking about Tasha… I said, “girls are so manipulative at that age!” Jim said, “at that age?” and I didn’t get it at first and said “yeah” and he said, “JUST at that age?”. Ha! I don’t know what he means… he’s got the best sister anyone could ever ask for and the three most precious girls in the world living at his house… we may be emotional but none of us are manipulative!

Fabulousity Weekend starts in ten days! Purple Michael and Candice both arrive at the Atlanta Airport on the 8th! I’m excited about seeing both of them but I think I’m more excited for them to meet each other! Candice has a broken leg – maybe that will slow her down enough that I can keep up with her. PM and I are both on a tight budget so we joked about having lunch at Krystals… and since neither of us has a Krystals nearby any more… hmmm…. Come to think of it… chickfila wouldn’t be bad and none of us is near a CFA. He’s in Chicago… she’s in NYC and I’m in the sticks. Candice and I have been strategizing on plans for that weekend…

Michelle Brown – were you on the FISH this morning? I could have SWORN that the girl that called in sounded like you. (for those of you who aren’t in Atlanta – FISH is the local Christian radio station).

I tried emailing my HUSBAND again. There’s a website where he had listed some professional stuff and it gave an email… I thought I’d try that one since I’m getting no response at the one I had. Sad state of affairs, right? I think that if you can be considered common law married if you cohabitate for a certain amount of time… you should be common law divorced if you un-cohabitate for a specified period of time. Especially if you have no idea where they live or what their phone number is or if they’re living or dead. And if it’s a special pain in the rear to get divorced, shouldn’t you be able to collect pain and suffering?

The weather here is perfect! I love fall in Georgia! Did I mention that yesterday? My blog entries have been so boring lately – reflective of my relatively boring life lately. Of course, if I have a say in the matter, I’d take boring over drama. I would like to have some pleasantly peaceful painless yet exciting things to write about. I think you have to do something more than work and sleep for exciting things to happen. I’m not there.

It’s lunch time but I’m taking lunch late to go to the doctor. Wishing I had brought a sandwich or something… I’m so hungry! Maybe I have a lean cuisine in the freezer…

I have a little bit of a headache… woke up with it… actually, I’m starting and ending my days with headaches… sort of a dizzy, sinus pressure-y kind of thing. Hopefully the ENT will have a magic potion for me. *eyeroll* Or not.

Anyways… have a great Monday, y’all.


Tawnya said...

I used to live in Florida and LOVE Chic-fil-a. Can't get it up here!! Ugh! Although recently they have begun building Sonics up here. Yay!! Love them. Not to beg CFA to build up here. LOL. I am sorry you are still not feeling better, hope they can do something for you! When I lived in Florida I was sick for MONTHS sometimes! Ugh. I do not miss those days! Some of it for me was stress... Hang in there!

Missie said...

Enjoy your evening.