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My People
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Nobody enjoys a good sick day more than me... but three and a half sick days in the same week have me stir crazy and stressed out. Austin is coughing like a lifelong smoker. I run a fever any time the tylenol gets out of my system. I attempted to go to work today and was DENIED... sent home... actually, that's over dramatizing... I was encouraged to do what was best for all of us. Guilt. Guilt. Guilt. Who cares if my car gets repo'ed and I get evicted and the lights are turned off and we don't eat as long as my co-workers don't catch a cold.

Ok, so I'm a little bitter. The queen of absenteeism gave me a hard time this morning about coming to work sick and I said - quite honestly - I'm a single working mother - there is no choice for me. And apparently she had a word of prayer with Duane because right after that he came and evaluated me and encouraged me to go home. So I did. And cried the whole way home. I trust God to provide, honestly, I do. But I like to have a hand in things. There's no backup plan for us... I go to work... that's how we survive.

But... now I'm running a fever again so I suppose it was supposed to be this way.

I entertained myself by rerunning the joke about nyquil that I heard from the cashier at the local dollar store, "anything that comes with it's own plastic shot glass has to be fun". Bottoms up!

We made a quick run to the Walmart for food and juice and toilet paper and tissues. My nose is raw... time to invest in some real kleenex. That wore us both out. Austin climbed right back into his comfy sleep pants and I reassumed the position in the pepto bismol colored recliner.

So... send money... Heather's sick leave fund is officially unofficially established. Else I'm going to have to stand on the street corner with a sign, "will NOT work for food".

It's Thankful Thursday so I'm gonna give it a shot...
1. Cafe bustelo espresso grind
2. puffs with lotion
3. off brand nyquil with it's own plastic shot glass
4. the pepto bismol recliner
5. daytime television
6. morning bible verse texts
7. email
8. SuperPoke Pets online
9. tylenol
10. fall weather
11. my nest
12. the ability to stay home and heal
13. the Country Bake Shoppe's key lime cremes
14. my new blender
15. fruit smoothies
16. homemade chicken noodle soup
17. remote control
18. my laptop
19. internet
20. comfy clothes

Ok... there you go... my Thankful Thursday list. Have a great day, y'all!


Dawn said...

Hang in there... call the specialist back... this should not be so bad! I am worried for yoU!

be well...

Anonymous said...

Glad your still keeping your chin up. I hope you get well fast! Julie