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My People
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

my exciting weekend


But it was a restful weekend and although I had major employee guilt for calling out sick on Friday... I know that I've been pushing myself for the past month (or three) with the bronchitis/pneumonia/creeping crud combo that I've had and I know that no matter how much medicine they pump into me... sometimes you just have to heal. Austin definitely needed me... we've been sort of a team - we have both kicked in here and there to get things done (like feeding the cat, cooking, taking out the trash, etc). He's been incredibly cooperative, despite feeling pretty icky himself. It's interesting to see him have empathy, since that's a learned behavior, not instinctive...

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of when I moved from hell to Helen... to celebrate... Austin and I went out for breakfast at a popular restaurant in town that we had not yet eaten at... Glenda's. It's (like pretty much everything around here) sort of a meat and three homecooking place. It was pouring rain and he and I were both hacking up green slime but we needed to get out of the house and the food was good.

We also went to the amish bakery where we were greeted with, "Did you come to get your cookies?"... some people are regulars at bars. I'm a regular at a bakery. Good times.

Today I went to church and got big hugs from my biological and adoptive nieces (Stasha, please shave your legs) and enjoyed being back out in the world again. I've been so tired that all I've done lately is work and sleep. It was good (but tiring) to go to church. Jamie was excited to tell me about seeing Grammy, Gramps, Mawmaw and Pop this weekend - they did the grandparent tour for the weekend. Jamie is having trouble with animal allergies and my parents have a bunch of dogs and cats. I asked her about seeing them and she named them all and told me which animals she had seen... I asked if it made her eyes itch and she said "NO, I just looked at them - I didn't touch them". Poor girl!

Sarabeth lit up like a Christmas tree when I came to pick her up from her class and Stasha and I have PROMISED to come have lunch with her on Tuesday so I have GOT to make sure that happens. We've had to cancel a couple of times. I also got some love from their friend Jorjanne...

Stubby has been going through another nervous spell where he pulls out his fur. Crazy cat. He's been hacking up hairballs in random places. It's lovely. He's also taken to sleeping in my underwear drawer - which is really just a big rubbermaid container because I still don't have a dresser. I was offered a dresser that needed refinishing last weekend by a church member but the problem with that is I have zero skills or tools with refinishing furniture and it would just end up being an eyesore - more than the rubbermaid container with the cat in it.

Tomorrow I'm going to see the ENT to see if they can do something to stop me from coughing. The pulmonologist thinks that if we can eliminate drainage that we'll cut down on "reactive airway issues". I kept a cough drop in my mouth the entire time I was at church... but that's no way to live. I've been coughing like crazy this afternoon and evening.

I told you this was a boring weekend.

The Amazing Race season premiere is coming on. Good times.

Y'all have a good evening. Love and hugs!


mawmaw said...

I love the idea of Austin taking care of you, you raised your boys to be caring and they all seem to kick in whenever someone needs them or is sick, Hope you both feel better soon.
I love both of you

Tawnya said...

I hope you feel better soon! It is no fun being that sick! I have been there..