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My People
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sorry I didn’t update this last night. I got home from the doctor around 4:30 and I was wiped out. I fell asleep before 7… woke up for a few minutes to watch Hell’s Kitchen and Big Brother and then crashed again. I was too tired for logical thought.

I don’t have pneumonia. I do have bronchitis. It’s considered chronic although the medical definition of “chronic” would mean that I had the same illness for 2-3 months out of two consecutive years. As far as my doctor is concerned… it’s chronic because the conditions exist for me to have recurrences of this illness. Basically, it’s working on a cycle – I get sick, my lungs get inflamed, they put me on steroids to lessen the inflammation, the steroids lower my resistance to illness, I get sick again – and so it goes.

I had been seeing a Physicians Assistant throughout this whole treatment that started back at the end of June. She’s good, she remembers you, she has been very thorough with me… up until Friday and I’ll be honest, I don’t believe she was even getting my messages on Friday. If she was… I don’t think she was putting two and two together because when I talked to the office manager yesterday she agreed that I needed to have been seen on Friday and that I didn’t need to wait through a 3 day weekend to have possible upper respiratory infection addressed.

The doctor I saw yesterday agreed immediately that amoxicillin was a waste of time – she also agreed that it would only make me sicker. Reducing the good bacteria with an antibiotic that my body is resistant to is counterproductive. She WANTED to do a course of levaquin – and I wanted to hold off on that because levaquin makes me violently ill. She said we’d do a z-pack and if I still show symptoms of infection after ten days, she’ll put me on levaquin. Good times.

We’re still waiting on the pulmonologist to weigh in on things. Yesterday’s doctor feels like there’s a strong allergy component of all of this and the primary thing going on with me right now is a sinus infection… lots of thick green snot! Yum! She wants to see how the latest head CT came out. I was running a fever at the doctors office yesterday… she asked how long I’d had a fever – and (although I never check my temp, I can tell when I have a fever) I know it’s been at least 8 days straight of fever. That concerned her. The fact that I was completely wiped out concerned her.

But yet… when I went to the pharmacy… they didn’t have any of my medications. Said the prescriptions hadn’t been sent over. I went home to call the doctors office and Austin said that someone had called from the doctor’s office about the medicine. I tried to call my doctor’s office… they were closed. At this point, I was wiped out and just gave up. When I called the doctor’s office this morning – they said they sent everything over and they hadn’t tried to call me so I’m thinking it was the pharmacy that called yesterday… at any rate… I can’t deal with them until after work today.

In this comedy of errors the medicine I should have been on starting last Friday *that could have been finished by today* is just starting today. That aggravates me. I mean – it is what it is. People made mistakes and I haven’t gotten well because of it. Of course, there may be a reason in the whole scheme of things that will make sense by and by.

I also have pulled muscles in my chest wall… which is great fun. It hurts every time I move or cough or take a deep breath.

Last week sometime I entered a facebook status that I needed for all my facebook friends, twitter followers, blog readers, etc to send me a quarter each to make up the difference in lost wages since I don’t have any sick leave. So far I’ve received $203.75! Most of that was due to one large, generous, anonymous donation! God is so good!

My first husband called last night and told me he had sent some child support. He said he was out of work for three weeks - I said, “you were out of work for three weeks but you didn’t pay child support for two months?” It doesn’t make sense to me but again, God’s timing is perfect. I told him that it didn’t seem right that I was the one having to scrape by and go begging to make up the difference in money that he failed to pay. He said, “well, nobody likes me enough to give me money”. I said, “well, there you go!”. He wanted me to feel sorry for him but I don’t. We reap what we sow in this world.

My sister-un-law Candice sent me an email last week that said, “Modern medicine has failed you”. I have to agree. My sweet adopted mother at church called to check on me today… when she found out I was still sick and still running fevers she said we needed to look for answers beyond pharmaceuticals. I agree. Of course, not going on an antibiotic when I needed one hasn’t helped either… but anyways… gonna go ahead and post this… a couple of you had asked and I just haven’t had time to respond. Love and hugs, y’all!


JennBand08 said...

sorry to hear you are so sick. I wish there was something I could do to help you from across the country.. <<<< hugs >>>>> ~Jenn