My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

more update

Thanks, Stasha! I got the milk... went yesterday on a grocery run... didn't buy much but I got enough to get us through the next few days.

Mom... I don't know what ANYONE can do to make me well.

I go back to the doctor today. I spoke with the nurse at the pulmonologist's office. He's out of town so I can either deal with one of his associates or give it another day. I opted to wait one more day to deal with someone who already knows my whole story.

So I'm going back to my REGULAR doctor - you know, the one who completely ignored me on Friday. I spoke with the office manager today and they were upset that I'm not on an antibiotic because of my increased risk for pneumonia. DUH!

I've been at work... working until time for my doctor's visit... that means I have just under two hours to go. I'm hanging in there... the most uncomfortable thing for me today is the pain in my right side, probably from coughing. The biggest of the granulomas is in the left lung so I don't think it's pain from that. My nose is icky.

I have this card that a friend sent me that is one of those cards that makes sound... it says, "you're awesome!". Theresa had fun with it while I was out sick... she sat at my desk... anytime someone walked in she would open the car... she said "whoever gave you that got their money's worth". Just passing that along!

I got a quarter and a dollar in the mail for my sick leave fund, thanks ladies! Keep those quarters coming... we have four and a half days of sick leave to make up! I sold a life policy today... just a small one, but that helps.

Ok, lunch break over. Love and hugs.

Btw, it's my stepson Bobby's birthday today - ten years old! It's his first birthday without his mom... keep him in your prayers! Michael does a great job with birthdays so I know it will be special for him...