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My People
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Whiny Wednesday - one day early, again!

Whiny Wednesday, the Tuesday edition again!

Take someone who has been coughing for three months – and shove a tube down their throat – guess what happens? I have never coughed harder or more frequently in this whole time. It’s driving me nuts. I keep having to say, “I’m not contagious!” because coughing makes you PERSONA NON-GRATA! I am choking on snot!

I need the hours, I’ve been toughing it out at work although what I really want to do is sleep until it’s all better AND… honestly… the more I sleep and the less I talk and clear my throat and cough, the faster it will get better. I also need to stay here because we’re shorthanded. Hard for me to complain when I’m so often the reason we’re shorthanded.

Despite coughing like a long term smoker or a coal miner – I went to Sarabeth’s school for lunch today and my adopted niece, Stasha, went with me. I have pictures that I’ll post later… we had a good time AND ate the school lunch (hamburgers) AND chatted with her little classmates and had just a really good time. Her teacher said, “Sarabeth was SO excited about you coming!” It’s just so easy to make those girls happy! If I had to guess, I’d say her love language is quality time. She so very much treasures time with people. The interesting thing about SB is that from the time she was born, she would have to warm up to you and then – once she did – she was attached to you. Every time I saw her we’d have those few moments of reconnecting. Initially, that was why I’d bring her surprises, to break the ice a bit. Now, because I’m so nearby and I see her so often, we don’t have to break the ice and I love that. I love the way her face lights up when she sees me! It’s not far to her school – I should go eat with her more often. It’s hard to eat that early in the day but it’s worth it!

Speaking of “worth it”… my co-worker, Kevin’s wife is 30 weeks pregnant with their first child. Well, I say it’s their first – they’ve had many miscarriages. This is the furthest they’ve gotten. She’s been hospitalized today with blood pressure issues. When he called from the hospital, stressed out and full of uncertainty, I told him it would be worth it. It’s hard to explain that to someone who has never had a child… how quickly you fall in love with that baby… how, in a heartbeat, you’d give your life for them… He’ll get it. Hopefully they’ll keep baby Raleigh cooking a little longer.

Austin is on a Future Farmers of America field trip to the corn maze this afternoon. I have to remember to pick him up and I’m afraid I won’t… I have “AC” written on my hand in orange magic marker. Hopefully that will work. I also have to pick up a thousand dollars worth of meds from the pharmacy. I’m exaggerating but I bet not by much.

BTW… I’m not broke yet. I don’t know how it lasts, but it does. Even though that child support I received two weeks ago was a mirage. “I’ll send you more on the 15th…” Just for the record… the 15th has apparently not come yet. *eyeroll* Not that I’m a bitter ex-wife. Really. I’m not. I’m still a wife.
Time to balance the books. Less than an hour. We’ve got this!


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Mucinex D for the congestion? You have to get it from the pharmacist, but it is not by prescription. You have to drink a lot of water with it, but it helps to break that mess up.

Evie's Story said...

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And good for you...looks like you've been on a journey! You have a lot to be proud of!

Missie said...

That cough has got to go away eventually....doesn't it? Hope you feel better!

Michelle said...

Hoping you feel better soon Heather.


Myra said...

We've had memo after memo urging staff to stay home if they are sick, especially coughing! You may not be contagious, but people get a little freaked out! Fluids to stay hydrated...the Mucinex mmmbrown625 mentioned does work! Hope you're feeling better soon!