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My People
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

quick update

The pulmonologist said what I had earlier in the month WAS pneumonia - which is why I still feel tired. He thinks it's resolved. He did another chest xray to be sure. He also thinks (as I predicted) that my best bet right now is to see an ENT because there is drainage from my sinuses and the CT scan of my head showed "more activity" there than in the previous CT scan... lung dr thinks sinus dr should have removed the polyp from my sinuses when it was discovered but doesn't think that we need to do anything about the things in my lungs because they're "so old". He thinks if we eliminate the drainage (from my sinuses) that the reactive airway issues I'm having as far as the coughing, etc, will resolve. He also thinks that the pain in my right ribs is just pulled muscles from coughing that will only go away when I stop coughing.

I left his office sorta aggravated. I can't help but feel like I'm being pushed from one doctor to another and that nobody wants to really own the issues. I go back to the lung doctor in six weeks... which may be our norm... I hope not... that's a big inconvenience. It's 30 minutes there (from the office) and about 45 minutes home. The ENT is at the same location... it's the same guy I saw about my ear who routed me to the Oral Surgeon. It's like specialists are playing hot potato with me... which makes me want to go see some witch doctor on a deserted island or some mountain healer woman or anyone or anything other than another doctor.

Yes, I'm frustrated. Coupled with the fact that I was so exhausted when I got home last night that I just crumpled up into a ball and stayed there for ... a long time... and I did NOT want to get up and drag my tired bag of bones into the office BUT... I thought Theresa might be out again with her arm surgery (she's back) and Ginger was acting sorta gimpy yesterday so I halfway expected her to bail on us. (she didn't) But now that I'm here... I need to stay and get in a full 8 hours. I have to leave work early tomorrow to go to the "lady doctor" (as Stasha calls it). Hey Stasha - wanna go with me? I know it's your favorite place to go!

What else was I going to say about the pulmo visit? Oh yeah... he took me off one inhaler and kept the other... he still wants me to take nexium *in case* there's any gastric reflux involved in this (which I think is ridiculous because I've never had issues with that and the nexium hasn't changed a thing for me and they have zero indication that this is the cause)... he actually said, "I just know that the ENT is going to want to try it so we might as well..." he added a nasal spray deal and did absolutely nothing to address my headaches "tell the ENT" and said he would expect me to be tired after being sick as long as I've been sick. I looked at him and said, "Ok... then fix it". Nothing he can do... blah blah blah... just rest when I can... Good... because that's worked so well for me over the last three months.

I really don't like this guy.

So today I have to call the ENT to see when they can see me... and drag this out for another three months, I guess...

A guy that I went to school with passed away on Sunday. He was 41. He played football - I was a cheerleader. We weren't best buds or anything but I can still see him in his football uniform all dirty and sweaty... he had really beautiful eyes... even when he was dirty... that's what I keep seeing when I remember him... his pretty eyes peeking out from a dirty helmet. His funeral is in Tennessee - almost seven hours from here. A lot of school friends are going, which I think is incredible.

This ended up not being a quick update. Oh well. Happy thursday, y'all!


moshell's lilbit of space said...

I don't remember if you told me or not. Had the test done or not (short term memory), but please, PLEASE request the test for AAT. It is a simple blood draw and then it can be ruled out or in. We watched a special on it last night (PBS - online) and it is UNDER DIAGNOSED, because it is not a "well-known" disease.

Love ya Heather.....

stasha said...

To answer your question NO! NO NO NO! I will not go with you! I'm pretty sure you don't want me to freak out and start hypervinalating! its not good at all! You can ask Angie! I'm never going there ever! =] anyway I very much miss you and you need to go to church tomorrow! love you!