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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm such a Brit-wit

I just watched the whole Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant. Yes, I'm that much of a Brit-wit.
But really... I've always admitted to being a "fan of fans". In other words... I may not be interested in the teams playing in the Super Bowl but I watch the game to watch the people who ARE interested. My family tree may have been solidly planted on American soil for hundreds of years but I appreciate the rarity of a British monarchy that extends sixty years. Heck, doing anything consistently for sixty years is a pretty big deal in my book!
There was this incredible moment on the BBC broadcast where the boat (barge? vessel?) carrying the London Philharmonic Orchestra pulled in front of the boat (barge? vessel?) that the Royal Family was on and these singers up on top of the boat (eh, whatever) were singing their drenched hearts out. They had been rained on for hours... they were obviously soaked to the skin... and yet, when it came time to sing "God Save the Queen" they did it with such gusto, enthusiasm - pure passion, that I was moved to tears.
That was one of those moments that I know, whenever I need to draw an example for myself of strength and fortitude, I'm going to remember those performers. Such a moment!
And the Queen, bless her 86 year old heart -or feet, rather - stood for the entire deal - she was on her feet for hours! That's pretty impressive!
Sports, theatre, writing, all of these things that involve digging deeper into yourself, being vulnerable enough to reveal your talents and risk objection and objectivity, this is what makes life richer for all of us, whether you're the performer or the participant or simply sitting in your recliner watching it on tv or reading about it on your laptop.
Appreciating and participating in the things that matter is what makes life worth living.

I slept great last night and woke up feeling semi-human this morning. I took advantage of the situation and made a quick run to the grocery store before my body remembered that we're sick. I managed to pick up a few groceries and get dinner in the crockpot before the hacking started back. Austin's cough is horrible and I really wish he had taken advantage of the opportunity to go to the doctor last week when I went. I'm not convinced that my antibiotic shot did one bit of good for me. I still feel pretty rotten. But I would feel better knowing that we had done everything we could for him, too. I need to be well but I really need him well too!

But there's beef stew in the crock pot and although we've run out of tissues, I still have plenty of tea for hot tea and I think I've got enough of the magic cough syrup left to get another good night's sleep out of it. We'll survive...

Happy Sunday, y'all!