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My People
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why Does the Queen Carry a Purse?

Why does the Queen carry a purse?
I mean, I like to have my necessities nearby but if I had someone else to haul them around? No way.
I travel as lightly as possible: keys on a lariat around my neck, drivers license, debit card and lip gloss.
If I'm not driving or responsible for making a purchase, I could whittle those necessities down to just lip gloss.
I care nothing about carrying a phone or even glancing at it to see if I have a text or a call. I'm in the moment - with whomever I'm with - no need to check in with other people or check facebook, etc, which is why I have the cheapest, oldest cellphone in operation. It's a relic.
I just imagine that the Queen has a personal secretary, Lady in Waiting, Security or other such people who could tote the lip gloss and a tissue for her.
Today, watching the coverage of the Diamond Jubilee, she stepped out on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with heirs 1, 2 & 3 and their respective ladies... and the Queen was carrying her handbag.
Who takes their purse with them when they're just gonna stand on their porch and wave?
The Queen, that's who.
Heck... when I'm going on my porch, I may not even put on shoes. And Austin is known to hang out on the porch in his boxers.
Speaking of Austin... he was up all night last night. His cough is still nasty. My cough is still nasty. My mom still feels bad. I think this is the respiratory illness from hell. Misery.
I tried to get Austin to use some of his "awake time" to get his room cleaned out and organized but he's not feeling cooperative and I'm not feeling like begging him to cooperate.
I got a good bit of sorting done yesterday, at least I made a dent in it, which helps.
I don't really know if/when I'll be starting work assuming that I'm hired by one of these guys I'm meeting with on Thursday. I might have a minute and a half left  to get this house packed up or I might have the rest of the month.
Either way, it's inevitable that we will have to have help. I could barely walk when I got up this morning, just from the little bit I did yesterday.
That's the frustrating thing about this back issue: it never really goes away. The pain may ease up from time to time but all it takes is me acting like a normal human being for a few minutes - you know, walking, standing, lifting, whatever - and I'm brought right back to reality.
Another thing about the Queen's purse - does she carry ID? Does she have to HAVE ID? I mean, I imagine her air travel doesn't involve going through security or having a boarding pass. Can she drive? Does she drive?
And how sad is it that Prince Philip is in hospital? (Did y'all catch the British was I dropped the "the" in front of hospital?) I have this lingering suspicion of him not always being the nicest guy in the world but he's HER guy and it's HER day and she looked a bit lost without him.
I think I've almost forgiven Camilla. Poor Diana was a lamb led to slaughter. She had no idea what she was getting into... no idea that she wasn't the fairy tale princess that the world thought she was. I've been in that situation before - where you go into a relationship all optimistic and hopeful and find out, the hard way, that nothing is what you thought it was. I also know that in those situations you don't always exhibit the best of your character. However... I think ultimately... Charles and Camilla loved each other and should have been together all along. It's a good thing for the monarchy that Diana was the one who bore the heirs to the throne.... I believe those boys are different people for having had her as their mother...
I watched an interview with William and Harry the other day and I noticed that they have the same type of very normal banter between them that my boys have with each other. They're royal, for sure, but they're also relatively normal.
Not that any of this impacts me, as a U.S. citizen, other than my (more than) passing interest in the Monarchy.
Anyways... it's a rainy Tuesday. I'm cuddled up with the laptop, remote control and a mug of hot tea, still desperately trying to shake the junk out of my lungs.
Hope you're having a great day!


Adirondackcountrygal said...

I guess according to reports, she has a lipstick, a gold powder compact, and sometimes money for church. Must be nice to be the queen. I have been watching Downton Abbey and I am really caught up in it. Only two more episodes left for me to watch and then no more until I can watch Season 3 on tv.

Ryan229 said...

The Queen does not have ID - probably unnecessary anyway given that hers is the most easily recognisable face on the planet. She does drive regularly when at Windsor, Balmoral or Sandringham, though she has no driving licence. She is the most widely travelled monarch in history, but she has no passport. I'm not sure why she always has her handbag with her - I think it's kind of a prop or perhaps she feels underdressed without it? Cool blog by the way!