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My People
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Monday, June 4, 2012

Reasons to Love Monday - Peaceful Easy Feeling

Richard Dawson is dead and I don't feel so good myself. I'm kidding. I mean, he's really dead, but I don't feel so bad, I at LEAST feel better than I have lately.

Sometimes I have this incredible sense of peace that just flows over me.... it's so sweet that I wish I could bottle it and sell it... I suspect that somebody is praying for me and that makes it even better. Don't you love when someone is talking about you behind your back and is saying GOOD things? Can you imagine, the precious conversation that your loved ones have with God about you? A lot of times I'm overwhelmed and out of sorts and just feeling a little alone in this world... and then this sense of peace comes over me and I know that I'm treasured and highly favored, not just by God, but by whomever is lifting me up to Him. It's a beautiful gift.

So, whoever you are, thank you for praying. I'm going to work harder at talking about y'all behind your backs as well. In a good way. To a God who loves us, loves you, so very much. That's my first reason to love Monday!

I slept so good last night! Trouble woke me up around 6am and I was still sort of sleepy and thought, "better make hay while the sun shines"... which my semi-conscious self translated to "better sleep as long as you can, while you can"... and so I went back to sleep and slept peacefully until a little before 8am. Sleeping late... another reason to love Monday that I'm not taking for granted!

I got up... made coffee... I haven't had a taste for it lately because of the cough... hot tea has been my go-to beverage... but this morning, I really wanted coffee. In hind sight... I realize that my blood pressure has been better since I've been drinking less coffee... so we'll keep it to a cup or two instead of my usual half a pot. That's another reason to love Monday... coffee & moderation.... ok, that's really two reasons.

While the coffee was brewing I cleaned up the kitchen, wiped down the counters, fed the cats, sorted through some things that have been sitting on the kitchen table for three months (avoidance, much?) and just generally had a burst of productivity. I went into the bedroom and put the clean pillow cases on my pillows (that had been naked since last week when I decided that I might get better quicker if I cleaned up my germy linens) and started folding clothes. Productivity = big reason to love Monday.

I emailed two prospective employers. I'm struggling with the process for so many reasons. I can only equate it to trying to do computer dating. I know that I'm a great employee who just *happens* to have a bad back. Just like I know that I would make a great wife if I did a better job of picking husbands. It's all about finding the right situation. Courage, to me, is continuing the journey despite the odds that are stacked against you. My reason to love Monday (or any day) is that I keep moving forward. Slowly, for sure, but I still believe that there are opportunities out there that I have yet to explore.

Austin's dad made a financial contribution yesterday and I'm grateful. There's a lot of money that should have come our way along the way and it was really rough at times when it didn't but to begin receiving child support when we stopped receiving unemployment was... if you really think about it... a remarkable thing. In my heart and mind, it's a God thing, but you can think of it as coming from karma or the Universe or whatever equates in your mind. It's a reason to love Monday, though, for sure.

We have leftover beef stew and taboule in the fridge. We've been skimping and skipping on the meals lately since we've felt so icky. Even with being on steroids for a weeks... I've had no appetite. Eating again makes me feel human again. That's a great reason to love Monday!

I may have mentioned how much Trouble loves straws. I mean... seriously... if you've ever seen a dog hoard his bones or toys or whatever... this cat has a stash of straws. If you scatter them, he hunts them down and brings them back to the same place. I've started sticking them in an empty tissue box which he doesn't appreciate. He knocks over the tissue box and pulls the straws out. He arranges them in odd configurations and I'm beginning to wonder if he's trying to form letters and communicate with us... I love watching my sweet kitty play with his straws... and that's my last reason to love Monday this week.

I hope that wherever you are, whatever you're doing, that you'll find a few reasons to love Monday too!



Speaking of high blood pressure, my father in law suffers from it and used to take 3 different medicines for it. He read something about for some people warming up foods and drinks in the microwave boosts high blood pressure. He tried eliminating the microwave all together and that lowered his bp to where he is now down to only 1 medicine.