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My People
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What's Up Wednesday? (formerly known as Whiny Wednesday)

Another day, another interview.
Things went well this morning. An offer has not been extended but I am closer than I have been yet in this process. It is a perfect situation for me as they are looking for someone who is very capable with service work with a little bit of sales on the side. That describes me perfectly. They have a very flexible office schedule and I am all for that. I am past the point of being able to fit in a *cookie cutter* type employment situation where there is no flexibility for part-time employees. An employee doesn't have to be full time to be a good employee, you know? There are lots of people who, for whatever reason, can't or don't want to work full time but they are still able (like me) to be a contributing member of society. That's all I want out of life, you know? Just to continue to make a contribution to the world.
I postponed the in person interview I had scheduled for this afternoon. It would be for a commission only situation, with some room for negotiation. I'm still considering it. I just don't know that it's my first choice. It's almost impossible to isolate the sales from the service in an insurance agency. Sometimes the service just happens. The phone rings...a  person has a question... you know the answer... you know?
Along the way, throughout my interview process, I have been asked if I am comfortable with working with women (more than once, I've been asked this) I've been asked (more than once) if I am comfortable with selling to African Americans (um... do I sound too white?) and other things that make me want to validate myself. Like... should I get a few of my female friends that I've worked with over the years to call in and say, "other than being a sports fanatic... she gets along fine with other women" or some of my African American friends to testify that I'm amply diversified... or just have someone who knows me call in and say, "she's awesome, you must hire her".
Lets just sum it all up by saying that I'll sell anything, just don't ask me to sell myself any more. I'm weary.
This morning, however, was very pleasant.
Please, please, please hire me!
In other news... I am getting things in order here... I unpacked my teapots and teacups today and they make the room seem way more girly.
I've seen Cody every day for the past four days and I love that. I have missed him so much.
I have had at least a text message- ok, only a text message - every day from Austin and so I can verify that he is alive. He went swimming yesterday. Beyond that... I haven't asked and he hasn't said.
I finally passed level 41 on Bubble Safari after a week. My mother says I'm stubborn. Maybe a little.
My dad made pimento cheese last night and I had that for lunch today with a sliced cucumber - fresh from the garden. I'm not suffering, y'all.
My friend Tami was at the chinese restaurant in Cleveland yesterday and saw two red-haired girls and recognized them (from my pictures on Facebook) as my nieces. My girls are Facebook Famous.
They will be down here later this week and I'm planning some quality time with them.
Aunt Ginger has been doing Vacation Bible School this week so I haven't seen her yet.
I have another headache. Every day for a week. Tropical Storm Debby is far away from us but I swear, it's impacting my head.
Little Kitty aka Trouble is getting bolder. He has discovered the window sill in Pop's room and likes to perch there. He will *sometimes* stand his ground when the dogs are around. Sometimes he runs and hides under the bed.
Stubby is all, "whatever". He is happy here.
I sent Austin in to buy cat food last week and he bought the cheapo store brand food. My cats have been passing that over and eating the food that has been set out for my parents' cats, Eddie and Rosie. The dogs have been sneaking in here and eating the cheapo cat food.
Last night Pop made tacos for dinner.
Monday night I made broiled tilapia, broiled parmesan tomatoes and saffron rice.
I told you I'm not suffering.
This is my great-grandfather, Luther Vaden Jackson who died in 1966. My mama has his eyes.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Good luck with the job search. Your Grandpa is very handsome, I thought it was a picture of a president at first! He died the year I was born..