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My People
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Monday, June 18, 2012

John King's marriage to Sallie Seawell and his Will

My 6x Great-Grandfather was
John King was born in 1749 in Leichestershire, England. He died in 1794/5 in Raleigh, NC.  
His daughter was
Elizabeth King, born in 1774 in Virginia, died 1855 in Arkansas. 
Her son was
Tshcarner Degraffenreid born in 1799 in Virginia, died 1880 in Miller, Missouri. 
His daughter was
Susannah Degraffenreid born in 1827 in Kentucky, died before 1910 in Miller, Missouri. 

John Pennington and Louisa McCubbin with two of their children
Her daughter was
Louisa McCubbin, born 1855 in Miller, Missouri, died in 1929. 
Her son was 

my great-grandfather, William Judson Pennington is the 2nd from the right
William Judson Pennington, born 1878 in Miller, Missouri, died 1962, Siloam Springs, Arkansas
his son was 

C. B. Pennington, my grandfather

C.B. Pennington, born 1908 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, died 1978 in Riverdale, Georgia. 
He was my precious grandfather, my mom's daddy, and he called me "Heiffer". 

This is written about John King:

In December he married Sallie Seawell, from a prominent family of Butte County, NC. They bought a home near Louisburn, Franklin County. NC and then in 1790 moved to Wake County, NC 10 miles West of Raleigh. He took part in first Methodist conference of NC. When Franklin Academy was chartered in 1787 he was first named on list of trustees. He died in Wake County. 1794. He was survived by his wife and six children: Joel, John Wesley, Benjamin, Thomas, William Fletcher and Elizabeth Betsy.

His Will is as follows: 

In the name of Almighty God Amen. I John King being weak and low in body but sound in mind and judgement do make this my last will and testiment. The will this 30 day of January 1795.        (l) In the first place I give and bequeath to my daughter Betsy King, one Negro girl named Jenny, and a mare, named Mateliday, and a feather bed and furniture to her and her heirs forever.   (2)  This is my will and desire that all my Wiroick and Bhisick furniture I have to be sold and Bhisick Books with other books that may be spared and horses that can be best spared all to be sold (also my bounty of land on Swift Creek to be sold) my debis collected and all the above money owe by note or accounts by me apply to pay my just debts.   (3)  I lend my beloved wife Sally King, during her widowhood, all my stock, cattle, hogs, horses,sheep, plantation utensils, household and kitchen furniture to enable her to raise my children and the total use of the plantation and all tracks of land where I now live.   (4)  This my will and desire if my wife Sally King should marry again, to lend her during her natural life one Negro man named Abraham and one Negro Woman named Beck and one horse, a bed and furniture, two cows and calves and the use of the plantation and one hundred acres of land. All this above mentioned during her natural life.   (5) This is also my will and desire that all property, except above mentioned , to be sold and the money evenly divided between my five sons, Joel, John Wesley, Benjamin, Thomas and William Fletcher King. If my wife remains a widow it is my will and desire that the above sale and division not be until my youngest son William Fletcher King is twenty-one years of age and that the sale and division then be made.   (6)  This is my will and desire that after the death of my wife Sally King that all property real and personal, land and Negro's be sold and evenly divided between my five sons or as much as then living.     (7) Lastly I do hereby make and constitue my loving wife Sally King and my loving brother, Thomas and my son Joel King to be my executrix and executors to this my last will and testiment and witness of I have hereto set my hand  seal to this 30 day of January 1795.                                      This will was hard to read since it was hand written. We, the family, have transcribed it as accurate as possible, in his own words, as written. It was recorded in the clerks office in the county of Wake, N.C. Book D. page 177 this 24th day of June 1797. This recording information is as close as we could figure out, it was very hard to read.


L.D. said...

Hey! I'm a John King descendent too! He was a circuit rider. Found your blog when I was searching for the name of a book his picture is in. My name is Leslie.

L.D. said...

Hi. I'm a descendant of the same John King. Thought I'd say hi.