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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My To-Do List for Today

Drink coffee and catch up on the people who live inside my computer.
Blog entry.
Fold and sort and pack two loads of laundry on my bed.
Sort through two boxes left in Austin's room.
Sort and divide socks.
Pack stuff inside tv cabinet.
Pack remaining drawer of my dressing table.
Pack glam routine items.
Pack kitchen.
Pick up Austin from married friend's house where he stayed up all night gaming.
Pick up U-Haul.
Pack all my bed linens.
Pack up / throw out food in fridge and cabinet.
Send food with Austin to married friend's house.
Take bed, kitchen table, dressing table & remaining boxes to storage.
Pack my recliner, side table, tv, tv cabinet & my stuff (clothes and such) to go to Riverdale.
Pack my living room set to go to Cody and Marquee's house.
Clean apartment.
De-flea the cats.
Pack cats in carriers.
Drive to Riverdale.

Austin is refusing to go with us AT ALL even though he initially agreed to go to help and be brought back after a week. I'm at peace with it. He has to find his own way in the world. When he needs me, I will still be there for him.
There is a lot of work to do in feathering my new nest. That's for tomorrow and the next day and the next week.
I have an interview Tuesday at 3pm. Please pray that I will find work. I need to make at least $500 a month to handle my bills (insurance, medical expenses, storage, debts) and I would dearly love to be saving at least that much a month for the time period when I file for disability.
I can't wait to be settled. I will miss the beauty of this place. For the past five years I have either lived near the ocean or near the mountains and I am so grateful to have had those opportunities. I am also tired of tourists, to be honest. I'm really an indoor girl... so the view doesn't change much.
I've been stuck on pause for three months. I'm ready to push play.
I can't wait to be near Oscar doggie and Sammy doggie and Tommy the cat and the Gramsters and my family. And Lily the dog and Lady the dog and Rosie and whoever else fur-wise that I have forgotten.
I will miss my girls but I will see them often, maybe even as often as I have while living up here... my relationship with them must be intentional now, it won't be collateral. I'm ok with that. Already planning the first care package to send to them.
I have a huge box of scrapbooking supplies to use with Aunt Ginger making paperdolls. I can't wait to make paperdolls with her!
I can't wait to see my cousin Christie's new house.
My mom and I still need our road trip to see my niece Tiffany's boys.
My friend Tracey will be a Mimi soon and I can't wait to meet her grandbaby.
My friend Teresa will also be a grandma soon. I hope to see her and her baby.
I am happy to be near Chickfila again.
I am so glad to have a closer relationship with my mama and daddy.

Welcome to the next season of my life. I'm no longer a mommy blogger. I'm an empty nest, chronic pain sufferer, always trying to lose weight, current event, genealogy blogger.

There are still good times to be had. 


monique said...

I'm exhausted just reading your to do list for today.
I think letting Austin stay behind is the way to do it. It's the only way he can see what being independant really feels like. It's a life lesson we all need.
Good luck to you-