My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thankful Thursday - I'm Thankful for You!

Getting ready to head out to civilization... excited/nervous/exhausted all at the same time. I've had my shower and dried my hair, cleaned up cat vomit (at least they were kind enough to throw up on the newspaper) picked out a dress to wear, started semi-packing (it's only overnight so I don't need much) and have caught up on most of my internet reading (news, gossip, facebook). I want to go back to bed. Don't worry - I won't. I've just spent a lot of time over the past three months in hibernation and even though *I know* there's a great big world out there and even though *I know* that it's time to get back into life, I don't wanna. I want to stay indoors with the cats and my laptop and remote control and not encounter anyone who might be unkind to me.

A friend of mine on facebook who has had a particularly trying time lately mentioned her appreciation for the support of her facebook friends. Say what you will about the value of three-dimensional relationships, I'm so glad I've had friends, family, strangers and people I knew thirty years ago and haven't seen since who are available to support and encourage me when I need it most. It may be true that we are less of a face to face society than we once were... and we may not send snail mail much anymore... and some people (me) would rather take a sharp stick in the eye than have to sit and talk on the phone... I think it's an amazing and fabulous thing that we CAN stay in touch with people who are too far to touch.

I have very real supportive, caring relationships with people who I may never be in the same time zone with... much less same zip code... and they impact my life on a daily basis. Aunts and Uncles that I used to only cross paths with on rare holidays or reunions have daily updates on my life and vice versa. Cousins that I might not have been able to pick out of a lineup a year ago are sometimes the first to give me an "attagirl" when I need one. I won't get any perfect attendance awards in Sunday School but I can fellowship with folks who are spiritually like minded daily. And I can even fellowship with folks whose beliefs are very different from mine. In a season of life where my world got very narrow and small due to circumstances... has remained vast and diverse because of social networking and it has made such a huge difference in my life.

I'm glad to be re-engaging with the outside world. I'm grateful for a change of scenery. I'm excited about the road that lies ahead. It may not always be smooth and picturesque but it will be an adventure and I'm grateful.

Time to finish the glam routine and get my journey started. Thanks for your interest in my life... wherever you are, however we may have come to know each other... I appreciate you.