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My People
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Friday, September 7, 2012

Another Cool (to me) Connection via My Gant Ancestors

Last night I found myself watching C-SPAN3. Not even the primary C-SPAN channel... the third tier. Like, I'm that lame. Except... I found it really, really fascinating. There was a lecture about Mary Lincoln and her post White House years. Then there was a symposium of sorts... the daughter of Betty Ford, the grandson of Bess Truman and the great-granddaughter of Lou Hoover answering questions about the lives of these respective First Ladies. It was educational and (I thought) interesting. But... then again... I'm the girl who spends an hour or more each night with I'm a history and genealogy geek.

Here's a little snippet that I found last night... my tenth great-grandparents were also the 7th great-grandparents of two presidents: Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter. Add those to our family connection to Grover Cleveland and connections to both FDR and Teddy Roosevelt... I'll never be President or a First Lady even... but I'm an awesome First Cousin... or, well, I guess it would be more like 12th cousin, five times removed (I'm making that up, I would have to see their entire genealogy to figure it out).

William Almy was born in 1601 in South Kilworth, Leicestershire, England. He died on February 28th, 1677/78 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. He married Audrey Barlow sometime before 1627 in England. William and Audrey  Almy came to New England in 1635 with his family on the Abigail. William Almy was of "gentry origins" as indicated by the fact that he is always referred to as Mister in the records. He moved to Sandwich, Massachusetts, in April 1637 and to Portsmouth, Rhode Island in 1641. He held a number of minor offices in Rhode Island and appears to have been prosperous. He was one of the first Quakers in America.

My 10th great-grandmother, Audrey Barlowe is descended from King Henry II of England. I have a whole blog entry plus for this line... will share that with you soon.

My 9th great-grandfather, Christopher Almy bought land from the Indians (Native Americans) in Monmouth, New Jersey where many of my ancestors ended up living. He returned to Rhode Island at some point as he is buried in the Old Portsmouth Cemetery in Portsmouth, RI.

Here's the lineage going back to Audrey:

Audrey Barlowe (1603 - 1676)
is your 10th great grandmother
Son of Audrey
Daughter of Christopher
Daughter of ELIZABETH
Daughter of Elizabeth Catherine Almay
Son of Rebecca
Son of Cornelius
Daughter of John
Son of Deborah Ann
Son of Elias M
Son of Theodore Stogden
Son of Bruce Bronson
Daughter of James Edward
I'll give my usual disclaimer: my research is based heaviliy on information obtained through and it's either a fabulous snippet of history involving my ancestors or a fabulous snippet of American History.

Anyways... it's Friday. I'm working the later schedule today - the 11:30-4:30 - which is good. I woke up with back spasms again and my left leg wasn't really cooperating when I first got up (around 7am, I'm such a late sleeper now!)  A little coffee... a little time on the heating pad... and it's much better. Oscar the unsociable wiener dog is snuggled up beside me under a blanket, enjoying the warmth of human contact and heating pad contact. He's spoiled rotten but such a great cuddle buddy! He climbs in bed with me as soon as he realizes my mom is getting ready for work and stays beside me until either I get up... or mom gets home from work (she's a crossing guard so she's only gone an hour or so) and gets settled in on the couch.

My weekend plans are to be as Oscar-like and worthless as possible, to only move from the nest when absolutely necessary and to let my back recover from two weekends of moving - even though I didn't do much, if any, heavy lifting, I'm still really feeling some cumulative back pain. Once I get to the point of having trouble getting my legs to cooperate, I know I've overdone it somewhere. So it's zynga games and for this girl this weekend! Hope you have a great one, too! Love and hugs!