My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Reasons to Love... um... Tuesday

I woke up this morning in the mountains and I'll go to sleep tonight in the suburbs.
It's been a long weekend, not restful but still rewarding.
We've had a lot of family visit and a few friends and it's nice to be in sort of a gathering place.
I've run all over the place with Austin - exhausting but again, rewarding.
He really, really needs someone up here or a few someones up here to adopt him and look after his transportation needs.
He lives with people who don't own a car.
Last month the work program picked him up at home.
This month the work program wants him to demonstrate his ability to find transportation so they're picking him up in town.
It's not a LONG walk, less than a mile. It's just unfun on rainy days.
They want to be able to recommend him for jobs and they have to be able to say that he is able to get where he needs to be.
I want to (s)mother him or at least know someone else is... but he's getting by on his own and learning to be resourceful.
But if you're regularly in the Jack P. Nix area and wouldn't mind giving him a ride occasionally... I'd rest easier.
This weekend we got his hair cut and his laundry done.
We picked up his girlfriend and brought her over for dinner with the family.
We took her home in bumper to bumper traffic and pouring rain.
Just a lot of running around.
Today I want to just curl up on my big comfy couch and go to sleep.
I have to work tomorrow so I'll wait until I get back to the ATL to do my curling up and sleeping.
It's not a LONG drive. Hopefully it won't be a bad drive.
I'm waiting until after rush hour to leave but... you can always have some unexpected stupidity happen along the interstate.
I'm going to get a shower... pack... straighten up my little "apartment"... take care of the trash and the perishables... make a half dozen trips to the bathroom to make sure I don't have to stop on my way home and... get rollin'...
I need to haul these boxes off to the dump but... yeah... not happening today.
We still have a little bit of unpacking to do here but... still, nothing urgent.
I had a nice dinner out with my aunt and uncle last night - Western Sizzlin - because there's not a lot to choose from here.
It was buffet only and I usually order a regular meal but it was still ok.
I'm trying to dognap their little dog, Chopper the chihuahua, because he loves me and wants to be my dog.
Of course, Oscar the wiener dog was not a fan of Chopper the chihuahua and there was much growling and gnashing of teeth on Oscar's part.
Oscar is just a little possessive. He didn't want another cutiepatootie taking his place.
I'm not sure when I became a dog person... and I think it's a conflict of interest to be a cat person AND a dog person... those are the kind of people who end up on those Animal Hoarding programs.
My niece Jamie (who is allergic to dogs) fell in love with my parents' big dogs - Lily and Lady. The dogs loved her right back. Poor girl was all swollen and itchy by the time she left.
She's getting a parakeet.
Lily and Lady did a good job of handling their business in a new place. They were a bit stiff and achy because of the stairs but they did ok.
My parents got most of the grass cut this weekend but they really need to hire someone to do that. It's a big yard and it's a slope.
My nieces decided they could put me in a wheelchair to take me to the lake after I told them it hurt my back to walk down there.
Then they cackled like hyenas at the thought of the wheelchair gaining speed going downhill and dumping me into the lake.
They are truly Gant children. Schiedenfreude. Happiness at the misfortune of others.
It would be funny... in a cartoon... not in real life.
Have I mentioned that our mountain house is right down the road from a nudist colony? Check it out -  I don't think there are any pictures. Ok. There are a few pictures. Just read the articles.
Anyways... guess I better get this show on the road.
Goodbye mountain house... we'll see you again soon.