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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, December 3, 2012

Finding Good in Monday

I slept a lot this weekend and I am still tired. When I stood up this morning and realized how bad EVERYTHING hurts, I had to admit that this is not a typical tired... this is a honest to dog full on fibro flare. My limbs feel like they are made of lead. I could really go back to bed and sleep all day. Cody came over last night to get me to go next door and see their Christmas tree. I didn't have the energy.

So... with that long whine of an opening... we have to face that today is Monday and most of us have to kick start our engines and get this week going. Instead of starting out gloomy and blue, let's see if we can find a few Reasons to Love Monday.

1. *crickets* *thinking....* *shooting blanks* Oh... here's one... I have a new skirt to wear today. It's brown, long and flowing... it's matches perfectly to this turquoise and brown top that I love to wear.

2. More about that skirt (since I have NOTHING today) it's long enough that it will hide that No-Shave November has become Don't Shave December. Don't judge. It's not like anyone is going to know the difference.

3. I have a new (to me) heating pad that was a hand-me-down from Cody. Nothing helps my back more than heat and I am loving this new (to me) source of heat.

4. Oscar the dog and Trouble the cat also appreciate the warmth.

5. Eddie, the Ginger Cat, is a bit of a feral/house cat. He goes out in the backyard and for some reason never climbs the fence to leave the backyard. He normally sleeps in the bathroom sink or in Pop's room but lately he's been curling up with my kitties on my bed. It took six months but it's nice to know all the kitties are friendly.

6. My Austin is coming home tomorrow! I've missed him sooo much (and not just because he does the dishes). I sent him a text yesterday and asked if he was ready to come home and he texted back, "kinda". Silence. Oh, how I've missed those single word answers from him! His flight arrives at 5pm and Cody is going with me to pick him up. We live fairly close to the Atlanta Airport. It's about a twenty minute drive. I know how to get there. I usually can navigate around the airport safely, however, once it gets dark it's hard for me to read signs and they are forever changing things at the airport so I'm afraid that if he is delayed in any way, that I'll have a hard time getting us out of there. Whenever I fly (which I haven't lately) I park my car at one of the nearby parking lots that shuttle you to the airport. I can ALWAYS find my way to the Parking Spot and back. It's the "kiss and fly" that I have trouble with.

7. Today is an early day for me. Tomorrow is also an early day. I don't remember past that. I can't decide if I like the early schedule or the late schedule better but I'm glad today is an early day.

8. My off day this week is Friday so I have a three day weekend coming. I mentioned that yesterday, I know. Even after working at my new job for four months now, I still am amazed at how accommodating they have been about my diminished abilities. I would love to work more. They would give me more hours if I wanted but they're still very ok with me working part time. Even with part-time, I struggle and days like today when I feel so incredibly awful and really don't want to do anything but sleep, it's comforting to know that I just have to get to two pm plus drive home and I'm done for the day.

9. It's going to be a mild week. No weather extremes here. I hope it's also a mild week as far as anything and everything else in my life.

10. I've discussed clothes, my schedule, the animals and the weather. Apparently I'm out of Reasons to Love Monday. Please help fill in the blanks.

Make it a good one, y'all. Attitude is everything. If we *believe* this will be a good day, we will look for good in it. If we believe it will be a bad day, we will look for bad. I'm looking for good. I hope you will too! Love and hugs!