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My People
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Monday, December 17, 2012

Reasons to Love Monday - Another Mountain Edition

I had a rough night. Pain got the best of me when it was too late to take the "good stuff" and so I tossed and turned and had dreams of Crunch-n-munch and the Mayan-end-of-the-world/zombie-apocalypse. I slept until 7:30 then I tumbled out of bed and stumbled to the kitchen and brewed myself a cup of ambition and ... then I spilled that stupid cup of ambition and wondered if the washing machine back at the Riverdale House that the repairman said would cost too much to fix, "that will be $79.99 ma'am... will that be by check or credit card?" that Cody fixed for free was still working or if  that was a temporary fix. The kitchen sink is stopped up and dripping from pipes that Pop has paid a King's Ransom to have fixed. My eyes are doing that blurry, unable to focus thing and... oh yeah, I have a doctor's appointment at some time this morning but forgot what time it is...

SOOOOO.... even though it's a day off, believe me friends, it's still Monday! But, you know how it goes in my world, we always have to find Reasons to Love Monday!

1. One week from today is Christmas Eve which is when my family gathers for Christmas brunch. I can't wait to be together and I hope everyone likes what I got 'em for Christmas. I tried to do a theme... I figured it would be easier to do the same thing for everybody and then I found a few things that I liked instead for a few people and then I couldn't find *exactly* the same thing for everybody, which is what I wanted... and then I remembered what my mom had asked for and then I couldn't remember what my oldest son's girlfriend's preferences are (I think it's "no pink" but I could be wrong on that)... and then I ran out of money... but, I'm the crazy old maid cat lady Aunt so I can just be that person in the family who everyone cringes at their gifts and talks about them afterwards in the way that we joke about Grandma Pennington giving us rolled up dollar bills tied with a ribbon... what I wouldn't give to get another dollar from her today... so the point of this point is... we will make merry in just a week and people will either love my gifts or ask for a gift receipt and either way, it's ok because we'll be together, some of us... and we'll have fond memories and happy wishes for the rest of us.

2. It has been a brief but peaceful weekend here in the hills. Austin spent the night with his friend Fat Pat last night. I'm sure they are up to no good but there's nothing I can do to stop that and if they're going to be up to some shenanigans, then I prefer they do it under somebody else's roof, other than my daddy's... so it was quiet here last night and I ate the whole crockpot full of roast and potatoes all by myself. (Not really. I had a small bowl and put the rest away for Austin to eat this week.) Funny story about Fat Pat: Austin's friends all have nicknames like Fluffy and FatPat and so forth... Austin was working Pop really hard to have permission to stay up here this week without supervision. That kid was in major suck-up mode. He did everything (well, most everything) asked of him in the past two weeks. My mom's kitchen has never been so clean. And while in that mode, Austin was trying to tell Pop about something involving Fat Pat but instead of calling him "FatPat" he called him "my friend Patrick" which was sooooo Eddie Haskell that I cracked up. Every time Fat Pat came past the nest this weekend I made sure to call him, "Patrick" and it cracked me up all over again!

3. I have an appointment with the pain doctor today and by the grace of God and the power of pharmaceuticals, I am finally able to go in and say, "yes, this is working". Am I symptom free? No. Will I ever be? No. The reason they referred me to a pain specialist almost two years ago was because my diagnosis' (plural) meant that I will always have pain and will always need help dealing with that pain. Yesterday I got to have a great (facebook) conversation with a friend who is also dealing with chronic pain and she inspired me to get back on track with holistic treatments for pain. There is so much power in food... I've got to do better about avoiding things that cause inflammation and using things that are chemical and preservative free in order to be kind to my spine. I'm encouraged and inspired by that conversation... and I pray that all goes well in her doctor's appointment today.

4. Geez. I'm running out of time and still have to shower and go through the modified day off but still being seen in public glam routine. As much as I would love to stay here in the mountain house, there are still things to look forward to back home such as Mama and Pop and Cody and Marquee and my sweet little kitty and Stubby and Eddy and Lily and Lady and Oscar and Sammy. (I named the people before this animals this time, did y'all catch that?)

5. Office Christmas Party just two days away! Woohoo! Instead of being at night, on my own time, where I have to go somewhere after dark and drive home in the dark (which I hate), it's during work hours! My office ROCKS!

6. I did a car loan last week... and I have another set to close before the end of the year! This is big money in the bonus world and my next bonus check should be happy and fat and healthy. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you're in an environment where you're encouraged and appreciated! I love my job, I love my co-workers, I love my supervisory/boss type folks! Have I mentioned that my office ROCKS!?

7. Ryan and Sara's presents are ready to mail. I have confidence that I will find my way to a pack and ship kind of place today. I'm determined. Son, please text me your address.

8. Christmas is one short week away and I am NOT tired of Christmas music yet. However, I have yet to hear "Santa Baby" which is my all time favorite Christmas song. I mean, after some sweet, Holy type of song that honors our Lord and Savior, that is.

9. My brother Bryan will be here in four, short days! Bryan is ten years younger than me, super smart and sophisticated in a New York City high falluetin lawyer kind of way. He is the only person in the world (besides me) to have been at all (both) of my weddings and although he is not a warm and fuzzy kind of hug recipient, I can't wait to hug the stuffin' out of him! (by the way, there is not an option for "falleutin" in spellcheck so I did the best I could).

10. Picture of the day for me. Y'all know I'm no fan of Obama and most of the time I think he's full of b.s. and works times like this tragedy in Connecticut for photo ops. I don't think his tears on Friday were for realz. I think on the teleprompter it read, "mournful pause. wipe tear." and he's just practiced enough to follow those directions. However... in the first (and likely the only) official Obama positive comment on my blog ever, this smile, in this photo, snagged from the Daily Mail who snagged it from somebody's facebook page (they didn't give credit so I can't) he looks genuine and natural. THIS is the man I WISH was really running our country instead of the Constitution busting Socialist. God bless the children.

11. One last... must run.... I will, Lord willing and the creek don't rise, be back in the land of cable tv in time to watch The Five today. If you don't watch it, for my Christmas gift, please take the time to watch it and let me know what you think. I love it. I think Greg Gutfeld is hilarious, Dana Perino is precious and brilliant, Eric Bolling is honest and articulate to the core and I admire how he overcame poverty as a child to really make something of himself, Bob Beckel is the goofy Liberal that everyone needs a chance to make fun of and Kimberly Guilfoyle/Andrea Tantaros both need to start wearing flats and quit showing so much leg. They're too smart to be objectified in that way. Watch the show. Learn. Laugh. Expand your mind.

Ok. That's all folks. Make it a good one!


monique said...

I know it's your blog, but I think you are so wrong about your comment here in this post regarding President Obama.

Fat Free JAM said...

Wow. I got ready to post and ask how your week has been holding up....and saw this comment.

Ya know, I am huge Obama supporter and I have a TON of friends that are not. But I still love y'all anyway ;)

BUT I do have enough respect to know that everyone on their OWN BLOG (and in real life) is entitled to post their own opinions. I disagree with you that his tears were fake, but I am not going to argue that point with you, because I respect your opinion.

I really think sometimes people need to rethink comments they put on people's blog. Just because they disagree with you, doesn't mean they should tell you not to post's like telling you in person to shut up and you shouldn't say things like that.

Happy Thursday!