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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, January 28, 2013

Poop on the Floor and Other Reasons to Love Monday

I woke up with a steaming pile of poop right in the middle of my bedroom floor this morning.
Our big dog, Lily, is arthritic and hates going outside sometimes.
Sometimes she goes 3 or 4 times a night.
When Austin is here, he usually takes her out since he's a vampire (meaning that he's up all night, not that he sucks blood).
Otherwise she usually picks a victim and that person gets very little sleep.
It was me Saturday night.
Thankfully. A weekend. Except...
I've had a headache ever since.
One night of sleep interruption does me in for a few days.
I slept great last night... slept all night... and woke up with an uncomfortably full bladder...
And a steaming pile of poop in the middle of the floor.
And mom in the bathroom.
Have I mentioned there's just one bathroom here?
We are all on different schedules so it usually doesn't matter.
Except... this morning.
Poop in the bedroom and there was about to be a puddle on the floor.
Mom's having a tooth pulled today.
My head is still killing me from yesterday.
I mentioned that already.
Her breakfast hit the ground.
She didn't have time to call and cancel her appointment with the glass people to fix her cracked windshield.
So that has to work into my glam time today.
Once I get to work, especially on a Monday, there's no time for anything.
It's a sprint, this job, compared the the marathons of previous employment.
Those long, slow days full of pain where time stands still are behind me.
Now I have short, fast days that fly by.
She's going to the dentist this morning and planning for a day of feeling icky.
It's so hard to deal with things when you don't feel well.
It's like... when you live with pain all the time... you become accustomed to it.
Then when something else happens - like dental pain - it's more than you can take.
Trust me, I know.
You've already used up all your tolerance on the stuff that already exists.
And Oscar, the dog, has had an attitude lately with the cats.
Usually they're ebony and ivory living together in perfect harmony.
This morning he set off against poor Stubby the three legged wonder cat...
Snarling... barking... chasing that poor handicapped cat back from his perch.
I had to yell at Oscar.
I like quiet mornings.
I have to slip into the day.
Give it a little time on the heating pad while my spine unwinds and the muscle un-spasm.
I know that's not a word.
I left what I thought was a cute comment on a friend's facebook the other day...
Where I intentionally misspelled a word for dramatic effect...
And someone snarked behind me with the correct spelling.
As if I don't know.
I wrote back... "it was supposed to be funny".
Another sweet girl who has been loud and proud about her faith in Christ...
had someone come behind her with a profanity laden comment, telling her to "get over it".
I came behind her and encouraged her to stand strong.
The meanie said she was too smart for all that "Christianity stuff" (paraphrased)
I wrote back that some of the smartest people I know are Christians.
Like my sister-in-law, Dr. Gant.
At the Dollar General yesterday, picking up a few necessities, not feeling up to driving to the Publix...
Al Sharpton playing on the radio throughout the store, spreading hate against white folks.
The cashier didn't speak to me at all.
Greeted others as they came in. Others that looked like him. I didn't.
I was friendly anyways. Answered the questions he was too racist to ask.
"Yes. I did find everything ok. Thanks for asking"
"I'll be paying by debit card"
"You have a nice day, too"
All those people who died in the nightclub fire in Brazil...
the bouncers blocked the door to keep people from running out on their bar tabs.
They all really get to me.
I want to find Reasons to Love Monday but I'd rather just pout, whine and complain.
And cry.
I'm so tired of pain.
It's going to be a long day.
Which means, more than ever, I need to find Reasons to Love.
Here goes:
1. I am not defined by what people do to me, I am defined by how I respond.
2. Time does pass. Filled with pain or not. The day will eventually end.
3. Even if I don't feel like doing the whole glam routine, even if I don't have time, I can pull it together in twenty minutes or less.
4. There was creamer for the coffee this morning and it is good.
5. Jim Parsons was adorable on the Red Carpet last night. I love Jim Parsons. He's my latest gay crush.
6. Little Kitty is in his nest. He learned that from me. From East to West, the Nest is best.
7. I'll be back in mine in 7 hours plus a few minutes.
8. I'm leaving my warm fuzzy pjs out so I can be back in 'em by 3 today.
9. The dogs have gone back to sleep.
10. God is still good.

Gotta run. Love and hugs, y'all.