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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Whiny Wednesday -

It's still raining. I'm still hurting. I'm feeling icky/sicky. Came home yesterday and took a nap (or tried to, too much traffic through my room, both canine, feline and human). I'm waking up feeling exhausted. I'm having a relapse of the situation that I had surgery for 13 months ago and having gone down that road before, I have no intention of going there again. I'm miserable. Like... I could bust out in tears at any moment. I won't though.

We had salmon croquettes for dinner. It ranks up there with my favorite meals....right behind country fried steak and gravy. They were awesome. I think tonight mama and daddy have a church dinner thing. Austin and I have a "pack for the mountains" thing so I'll probably grab us something quick and easy that won't mess up the kitchen.

I jokingly looked at the calendar with our payroll lady and pointed out my long mountain weekend this month and said, "if it could snow very pretty on the 18th, and clear up by the 21st and 22nd so I have no trouble coming home, that would be awesome."  The forecast is calling for something along the way of wintry precipitation night, overnight, so I want to be absolutely sure that we're ready to hit the road when I get off work tomorrow - which, Lord willing and traffic ain't bad - would put us there by 4:30, maybe 5pm if I include a grocery grab along the way. I have no idea what what left behind after Pop's youth group left at the end of December.

Mom and dad are planning some major landscaping at the mountain house this spring to make the best use of the property and to make it easier to get to the lake. Right now the path is steep and slippery (for me, at least). We need to put a dog run, too, so we don't always have to walk the dogs when they have to go... although... this week has been "poop in the house" week among our furry friends. I think we've all had at least one mess to clean up every day... and for me... bending over to clean the poop... not easy.

The landscaping will include a vegetable garden, which will be great fun... and a fire pit... I can't wait until it's all set up.

Austin's plan this time is to stay in the mountains at Fat Pat's house until our next visit up... which... sounds like a really weak plan, if you ask me. But he didn't. Ask me.  He has a job interview at the McDonalds in Cleveland on Saturday morning which is great... except when he's up there and I'm not... he's going to have to either walk or hitch a ride with a friend. I would love to micromanage this situation and insert some pragmatism in it but I won't. He sometimes has to just find his way, in his own way, and my job is to stay out of the way, until he needs me again. And I will always, always, be there to help him when he needs me.

I'm getting a P.O. Box in the mountains... since we need to have the mountains as my primary residence for several reasons that I won't get into here because ... well, they're too complicated. Anyways... I'll put my P O box address on my blog so you guys can send me mail because I LOVE MAIL!

I'm going to draw for the winner of the Amazon gift certificate tomorrow... it's not to late to leave your "truth" on either my facebook post or as a blog comment.

And now it's time to head out into the rain and deal with the pain for the next six + hours, until I'm able to get back in my warm fuzzies again.

Happy Wednesday, y'all!