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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, January 14, 2013

Reasons to Love Monday - Buck Up Buttercup!

Three days off.
Lots of sleep.
Still worn out.
Not just sleepy... exhausted.
In the way that only folks with the "f-word" (fibromyalgia) truly understand.
My eyelashes are heavy.
If I had the flu
I'd never know the difference.
Matter of fact, I've claimed the flu about thirty eleven times in the past week.
That's not it.
It's chronic pain.
Inexplicable even for articulate folks like me.
Today it's shoulder pain...
And a searing pain in the discs of my lower back...
And a headache in the right side of my head...
And a teenager who has been up all night and keeps drifting in and out.
"Why can't two Asians have a Caucasian baby? Because two Wongs don't make a white."
That kind of stuff.
Pain in the tukas.
Not allowing for much in the way of deep thought or meditation or quiet preparation for the day.
My mom is out doing her crossing guard duty in the rain.
She quit again on Friday. She's been trying to retire for six months.
But her boss/friend keeps convincing her to stay "just a little longer."
Mama worries about the kids who will have to cross a busy road without help if she isn't there.
There isn't anyone to replace her.
It takes a long time to get people approved and trained.
There's been a hiring freeze.
So she's been in limbo.
Oscar is asleep under my right leg.
Lily is asleep on the linoleum beside the laundry room.
Trouble is asleep on my bed.
Stubby is asleep on the kitchen table.
Lady is asleep beside the front door.
Eddie is asleep in the bathroom sink.
Had a lot of bathroom trouble yesterday.
Unable to go.
Either way.
Sorry for TMI, although you always know it can pop up at any time with me.
It kept reminding me of this little diddy written on a bathroom stall,
"Here I sit all broken hearted, came to poop* but only farted".
*poop is censored.
It gets scary for me when I start having trouble.
I start visualizing the creepy guy with the mustache in the Liberator Medical catheter commercial.
I don't want to be that girl toting a catheter in her purse next to the lipgloss.
I'm going to have an old lady purse: dentucreme, catheters, depends, ibuprofen.
Losing muscle function *there* makes me realize how likely it is that I will lose muscle function in other places or ways, also, eventually.
This is supposed to be a reasons to love Monday post.
I have a sore throat.
SEE! It's the FLU!
And a little cough. A little phlegmy.
Not particularly unusual for me.
It's raining hard.
Rain + arthritis = pain.
BUT. I am so grateful to be able to work.
I will "buck up buttercup" and go do my thang.
Back in the nest in seven hours or so.
My reason to love Monday this week:

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
It's all I have and it's all I need.