My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Few Random Things

I am coughing up more green slime than usual today. Have barely left the house in the past week. Not sure how that happened. Pop is sick but it's more a head cold than anything involving the previous mentioned green slime. Had a chat with the Pharmacist about what meds I could take with my thirty-eleven diagnosis. Mucinex it is.

I slept until 9am today. I have no idea what time I went to sleep but it wasn't much past midnight. I am sleeping like a teenager but I promise you, I don't look like one.

I bought hair color today. It was on sale, 2 for $6 at Rite Aid. You have to start with clean hair but hair that hasn't been shampooed in the past 24 hours. I'm stuck on that first instruction because my idea of clean hair involves hair that HAS been shampooed in the past 24 hours. Once I get past that conundrum, I'll give it a shot. I just want to color a little gray out of the way. Not that anyone notices much or cares at all, except me. It's ok to look good just for me, though. I also bought foundation because I've been scraping the sides of the container for about two months.

My oldest is heading to Florida for a job. He is supposed to sleep here (well, next door) tonight. I have a surprise for him, just a little something I picked up on

I'm not pushing or anything BUT.... I do find some awesome prices on there (and some ridiculous prices, just like in 3-D stores) and if you order through me, I get $20. I just have to send you an e-mail invitation so let me know if you want one. I could entertain myself quite a bit with $20. It takes a couple of weeks to get things so if it's something you  need quite fast, this is not the site for you. For me, it's much, much easier to shop this way.

Last week I bought stampers for Sarabeth and Jamie with their names on them for their Easter surprise. I always try to find things with Sarabeth's name because it's hard to find but such a beautiful name. My parents always intended to name the next girl after me Sarah Elizabeth after my great-grandmother. Well... after me there were three boys. And then I had three boys. And my brother Michael had two boys. So Sarabeth was the next girl born in to our family after me - after 34 years. And her middle name is Leah after her mama's grandma.

Jamie's name is sweet too. They didn't find out what they were having when they were pregnant with her with the intention of naming her James and calling her Jamie whether boy or girl. So her name is Amanda James. After her Aunt Mimi and her Pop and Daddy. Names should mean something. I kinda missed that memo since I was such a young mom.

I've been watching C-Span3 all weekend and have seen some interesting lectures. There was one on Harriet Tubman. One on John C. Fremont. One on eugenics in the early 20th century. Good stuff for history buffs. Wish that channel was on all the time although I find today that most of what's on is stuff I've already seen. You know you're a couch potato when you've seen everything there is to see on C-Span3. Otherwise I watch a lot of HGTV and a lot of episodes of The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother.

I'm working 4 hours a day next week instead of five. Worked out kind of good with the time change because I'm going in at 10 instead of 9. So for my body clock it should feel like the same time. This will help. I hope I'll be back to normal soon instead of on that slow decline that was predicted. Mom begins her retirement. It will be nice to have quiet mornings before work without Oscar the needy dachshund glued to my side. Not that I don't love Oscar.

Mucinex kicking in. Ready for breakfast. Or brunch. Happy Sunday. Love and hugs, y'all.