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My People
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday By The Numbers

Is it Friday already? And me without a single blog entry since Monday... FOUR days? What a shame! I'll try to give some updates to my week but honestly... there's not much to blog about.

My Uncle is still in ICU. Mama spent the day up there yesterday and it was draining for her... and for me, home taking care of seven (yes, seven!) animals. I love our fur babies but I was having miserable muscle spasms and every time I had to get up to let them in or out it was excruciating. Of course, relative to what my relatives are dealing with... my pain is minor.

My pain IS limiting my activities. The current plan is for me to work 12 hours a week. Twelve. It's hard for me to engage in what's going on in the office - especially on a week like this one where there was widespread hail damage in our area and a spike in claims filing and I'm just barely there. But unfortunately, for now, that's all I can stand and to be honest, the pain is so bad during that time that I've started having anxiety before work just knowing that it's going to hurt.

Truth be told, there's not a whole lot of anything I do unless I absolutely have to because of pain. I went nine days in between doing my laundry this time because I couldn't push myself to lift the basket and carry it the ten feet to the laundry room - which is in MY ROOM - so it's not like I was hauling it to the laundrymat. Of course, since I spend most of my time in my pjs, there's not much laundry.

I used to love making it to "third day hair" because it meant that I had relaxed for a day. Today I'm on fifth day hair. FIVE DAYS. And it's not pretty.

I had a peanut butter sandwich for dinner last night because I was in too much pain to cook or go to the store to pick something up. Mom was in pain and exhausted from being at the hospital so she just ate leftovers. Pop played golf and ate leftovers. Me - heating the leftovers was too much but I slapped some peanut butter on bread and ate about half of it and fed the rest to the dog because it hurt too bad to eat. It took my tramadol too long to kick in for me to feel like doing anything. And then I just wanted to sleep because I had only slept about three hours the night before. And then I couldn't sleep because it hurt too bad so I read until I fell asleep.

There's news on the Cody job front but I can't share it yet. I told Cody I had intentionally NOT blogged for four days because I didn't want to slip up and share something that wasn't for public info yet. I haven't heard from Austin in over a week. Ryan called two days ago to complain about his insurance agent in Pennsylvania.  It really irritates me when people who work for the same company as me don't do their job well or don't explain things properly to their customers who then contact me and want me to try to interpret what they're being told. I'm fairly good at it but mostly I just want to call their agent and school them on being a better agent. Like the way I am... twelve hours a week.

We don't have coffee today and I don't want to make any because we only have Chock Full of Butts Nuts and there's not much I can do to improve the flavor. I need me a good, strong, cup of Cafe Bustelo, too strong to see through and so thick you have to stir it with a knife. Instead I'll settle for Dunkin Donuts with hazelnut flavoring. It's a drive thru (Starbucks isn't) and it's cheap. About two dollars for a large. And I can get a bagel or something. You know, because carbs are good for you.

The book I ordered from Amazon for one cent came in the mail yesterday. It's about a girl who briefly was in our gifted class in school, entitled "A Beautiful Child." I have already finished it. My eyes are not focusing well so it was hard but it was impossible to put down. I pretty much either finish a book in one day or never finish it. This particular girl, then known as Sharon, was a cute girl who was in our gifted class for about one quarter. The only thing that made her stick out in my mind was that once when we were debating the death penalty, she was challenged by one of the folks on the pro-death penalty side with "how would you feel if your mother was murdered?" and she screamed back, "my mother WAS murdered!" and ran out of the room. It was 1983, we were in tenth grade and everybody was dramatic but this was over the top.

As it turns out... Sharon (not her real name) was living with a man who kidnapped her when she was a young child after killing her mother... he molested her throughout her life, moving her from school to school so she couldn't develop any close bonds... he ended up murdering her when she was 21 and then killed her son five years later. Tragic. It makes me wish that I was less wrapped up in myself and my little group of friends when I crossed paths with her so that I could have somehow changed the trajectory of her life, knowing that there was probably nothing I could do.

I promised my friend Mary that I'd send her the book when I finish it but considering I've been driving around with Whitney's baby gift in my front seat of my car for a month, I'd say the odds of it getting there any time soon are slim to none. Who knows? I could have a burst of productivity and go to the post office tomorrow.

Anyways... down to just ten minutes until time to start getting ready for work. Only working four hours. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. Then I'm off for three days. I'll be back here next Tuesday with fifth day hair again before I get ready for work. Or maybe before then if there's something blogworthy. Pretty much lately it's been nothing exciting to write about.

Hope your life is much, much more exciting and that you have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend. Love and hugs, y'all.