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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, March 4, 2013

Trouble's Reasons to Love Monday

So much for keeping a daily record of aches and pains to get a better idea of triggers. I made myself stick out five hours at work on Friday and I limped home (after stopping to pick up take out Mexican) and have pretty much been stuck in the same position ever since. My left leg is weak. I don't know how else to describe it. When I walk that leg feels heavy. I can't put much weight on it but there's no real specific point of pain. It all just hurts bad. My left side - above my hip - is Crampy stuff. So I've really just sort of sat here all weekend except for refilling my drink and going to the bathroom and an occasional trip to open the door for the animals. There is some *stronger than usual* pressure at my lower spine, this is the point of the bulging discs, not the point of the osteoarthritis, so this has less to do with weather than my usual point of discomfort.

I'm scheduled to work later today. Hopefully a few hours on the heating pad this morning will get me mobile. Unlike the result from the rest of the weekend. I can handle the pain. I'm used to it. The lack of mobility is a bummer. I was no help at all this weekend at home and I usually either cook a meal or take a turn at the dishes or SOMETHING. I've been just so unable to move this weekend.

So since MY LIFE is super boring, let me show you a few pictures of the Fabulous life of Little Trouble Kitty. Here are Trouble's Reasons to Love Monday:

1. Mommy got out of bed and left a warm spot where Stubbs and I could snuggle and have our first nap of the day. Thanks, Mommy.

2. Two words: PINK. SNUGGIE. Two more words: HEATING. PAD. It's kitty cat nirvana!

3. What is this junk she has on tv? Give me that remote. Hoping for a Cats 101 marathon on Animal Planet. Reason to Love Monday #3 Mommy's remote control.

4. Oh yeah! Once she starts styling her fur, it's almost time for her to hit the road! Reason to Love Monday #4 - we just might get a little time away from  mommy today.

5. Time to debunk that old theory that curiosity killed the cat. I'm inclined to believe that curiosity made things more interesting for the cat. That whole "killing" business is just one of those old wives tales. What's mom got in her pill bottles? Reason to Love Monday #5 -
my rock star, mountain goat climbing ability makes it impossible to hide anything from me.

6. Time to check up on the Boy Next Door. Has his daddy picked him up for work yet? Has Sammy's grandma come to pick Sammy's mommy up for school? Is Mawmaw still playing in traffic? Is there anything out there to get those crazy dogs stirred up? Reason to Love Monday #6 - my porthole on the outside world.

7.  Eh. Whatever. Time for another nap. Reason to Love Monday #7 - my awesome little nest. Mommy's not the only one with one.

Hope you all, both humans and fur-babies, find your own Reasons to Love Monday!