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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Things I Could Blog About

Remember when I used to work full time as a single mom of a teenager and still found time to blog every day?
Me too.
And although there's much more free time in my schedule, there's not that much to blog about.
Unless you're interested in the adventures of the fur babies - who I find constantly entertaining...
Or the adventures of my mom as she enjoys retirement...
Or the progress of Uncle Charles who is recovering from esophageal cancer. And he is recovering. Slowly.
Or Cody's new job which he ended up not accepting because his current employer made him a better offer that included health, dental and vision insurance, his own truck, some autonomy where he doesn't have to depend on his dad to wake  up so that he could go to work and a raise. He got everything he wanted without having to change jobs, that's pretty awesome for a still 22 year old.
Or the voyeuristic fascination I have with my former classmates who are all living large, exciting lives and who must not mind me watching since they keep posting. Such as Beth's handbag which is being launched in London in April. Because if I talked about "launching my handbag" it would involve slamming on my brakes and having the insulated lunch tote that I've been using for a purse go flying into the floorboard, spilling the contents all over the place, not black tie and cocktails and high fashion.
Or I could get you up to date on the Jodi Arias trial, even though I'm so bored with this latest witness, the Domestic Violence Expert, that I opted for the Big Bang Theory reruns instead. Travis Alexander is a combination of one long term relationship I had + one marriage that I had and I can understand being demoralized by this behavior (if it truly happened and I do believe, based on evidence in court such as text messages, that he was at least a little bit of a cad.) but I still don't understand the "he had it coming" defense. "He ran into my knife... he ran into my knife 29 times" (to paraphrase the musical Chicago).
Or the fact that I cried watching 19 Kids and Counting last night and not just because they were hinting that they might adopt. Oh. The. Humanity. Hopefully they wouldn't pass a home study. I cried over the producer having her baby in China and them taking that baby away from the mother for three days. That's insane. Human rights violation in my book.
Or the fact that I'm addicted to a snark website that is dedicated to poking fun of a mommy blogger gone crazy. So cray-cray that I don't dare mention the site here for fear that she'd come after me.
Or the fact that these two amazing little stampers that I ordered for my nieces came in the mail last week and I'm excited about surprising them with them when I'm in the mountains next week. I have to get ink pads to go with them but having a little stamp with their name on it is too stinkin' cute!
Or the fact that I have just about the best co-workers in the world and the most supportive employer that I could have dreamed of - who understand and encourage me without making me feel like a slacker for not being able to work more than an average of one day a week. I believe that those who extend compassion will receive it themselves and those who don't will one day wish they had. I am beyond blessed.
And the fact that I'm realizing that the pain is not getting better. I went into the office yesterday in pain and had a freaking meltdown over the fact that we were going out to lunch - so great is the pain of sitting in a restaurant chair and the extra steps involved that I had to own up to the fact that I was faking it. And by "it" I mean faking the ability to function because I really just wasn't able yesterday. Or today.
Or I could blog about the fact that I keep waking up in the morning thinking that it will be all better and it isn't and I'd be lying if I said it's not discouraging. It really is discouraging. Today I'm trying  a new combination of muscle relaxers and nerve block and mild pain reliever. I won't be able to drive but hopefully it won't knock me out cold and will allow me some cognitive function.
I could blog about how amazing my Castleville village is. If I could make a living playing computer games, I'd be a Rockefeller. I'm killin' it.
I could blog about the One Pot Spaghetti we made last night off of Pinterest. It's always bothered me to make spaghetti and end up with two dirty pans and a strainer. With this recipe you cook the meat (but we had some already cooked ground beef conveniently tucked away in the freezer, we just had to let it thaw) and add the sauce and two cups of chicken broth and a little water. Once it boils you add the noodles in the same pan and just let it all cook together. Brilliant!
And then I was telling Cody about it (since he does the cooking at their house) and he said, "yeah, just like hamburger helper". Oh yeah. That's right.
So I haven't really blogged much because there just isn't much to blog about.
What's new with you?