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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Day in the Life of A Couch Potato

Here's what my Tuesday looked like... 

Shows I watched:
Fox and Friends
19 Kids and Counting
Biography - Leonardo DiVinci
Make Room For Multiples
In Session - Jodi Arias Trial recap from yesterday
Maternity Ward
a few episodes of Infamous Murder
How I Met Your Mother
HLN - Jodi Arias Trial with a gazillion commercials
The Five
Jane Velez-Mitchell
The Big Bang Theory
Nancy Grace
19 Kids and Counting
Dr. Drew
Preacher's Daughter (this show is hilarious and it's not a comedy!)
Showbiz Tonight

Shows I couldn't bear to watch:
True Hollywood Story - Snookie
I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant (because that's just stupid)
MSNBC - ever.
The 700 Club
Home Shopping
Live From The Masters on the Golf Channel

Things I Ate:
Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Nut Bar
a handful or two of Hershey's Kisses with almonds
leftover Poppy Seed Chicken over Rice
Starburst Jelly Beans
Grilled steak (that I shared with two dogs and a cat)
Green beans
creamed corn
half a pear

Things I Drank:
Crystal Light Pink Lemonade

What I Wore:
Blue and purple plaid pj pants that are about twenty years old
Long sleeve hot pink tshirt
Short sleeve navy blue baggy tshirt
Hair in side ponytail/braid
No makeup
No socks or shoes (because they make Oscar think I'm leaving him)
All day.

What I Did:
Took care of the furbabies while mom went to the doctor to have her foot checked out after she dropped a board on it yesterday.
Played internet games
Watched a lot of tv
Read my favorite snark website
Caught up on my favorite blogs
Took my highest tolerable dose of pain meds so that I could have a break from pain for a few hours
Browsed Pinterest
Checked out - it's a real estate website but not a sales site, it gives a lot of inside details on homes for sale, lots of design photos and a lot of great history.
Broke up a fight between Trouble Kitty and Eddie Cat.
Turned on the ceiling fan to offset the heat of the heating pad and warmth of Oscar snuggled up in the nest beside me.
Regretted taking the highest tolerable dose of pain meds because of how dizzy and out of sorts it makes me.
Responded to a facebook message from a blog reader
Checked to see when my nieces stamp pads were to be delivered - found out they were delivered last Saturday!
Studied up on Mad Men on Wikipedia. Any time I start watching a new show I like to get the background info. I'm just a tv addict that way.
Fed leftovers to the dogs
Coached my granddoggie to agree that I'm his favorite grandma
Visited with Cody and Marquee
Shared a photo album of pictures from The Masters with my dad
Laid down trying to get the dizziness and nausea to go away
Went to sleep

How I Felt:
Sleepy / Groggy because of meds
Pain in mid spine
Pressure in lower spine (where the bulging discs are)
Muscle spasms in lower left side of back
Nerve pain (piriformis syndrome) in my right butt cheek
Sharp pains in lower left abdomen
Arthritic pain in right wrist, fingers on both hands and feet
Numbness in left leg
A few blissful moments without pain
Stinging pain/itching in the patches of burst blisters on my back that are scabbed up and healing
A bit too warm at times
Earache in my right ear
Sorry for mom with her poor bruised (and hopefully not broken) foot
Itchy all over (this happens after I take the "strong" meds)
And then as the meds wore off and the pain returned...
Sleepy but unable to sleep
Nauseated and even more dizzy
Short of breath

Random Things That Crossed My Mind:
If it's true that all teacup breeds of dogs are unhealthy.
If it's possible to take a nap while supervising seven animals.
Did Oscar go poop somewhere in the house while my mom was gone to the doctor?
When will Zynga get the Castleville gifting glitch worked out?
If dogs really enjoy my singing or interpret it as some sort of off-key howl.
It really bothers me when things that are sold on tv for "four easy payments of.. " because I worry that people will be confused and think the price is one payment.
It also bothers me when they say things are only available on tv and I know I've seen them at Walmart.
How will I manage the rest of my life at this level of ability or less?
Why is my son planting so many varieties of peppers in his garden?
How did they do in the Kiwanis Talent Show? (Jamie took second place in her division)
Why am I so dizzy?

Today is a work day so it won't be as excited (!) (?) as the day described here. That is... if I can drag my dizzy, nauseated, aching self into the shower and manage to pull it together. I have to leave in an hour and twenty minutes and am still too dizzy to drive. Not sure if it is from the pain meds yesterday or what my deal is. I would say, "never a dull moment" but... you see the list... my life is nothing BUT dull moments!

Happy Wednesday, y'all!


Karen A. said...

I have been a follower but a quiet one and I wanted to tell you about a heat pad for your back that I think will do wonders for you. It's called Carex Bed Buddy, Back Wrap. You can find them online. I checked amazon and price ranged from $13-$8. It comes in different sizes for different body parts but you can use the one any where you need it.

But oh let me tell you, it works wonders. If you need heat, put it in the microwave (follow directions very carefully) and wrap it in a hand towel or an old tshirt like I do. The key to this is that it's moist heat and moist heat penetrates better then a plain ole heating pad. Yeah, you can buy moist heating pads but this is a miracle worker. You can also use it cold, just put in the freezer.

It has a strap and I'm not small and I can snap the straps to keep it in place. Wear it at work, no one would know! The only down side? Is it has a weird smell but believe me it's not bad and because it works so well I don't care.

Sorry to ramble. Look it up and read about it.
Take care, Karen