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My People
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Monday, April 29, 2013

Reasons to Love Being 45

Despite a headache, a gloomy Monday and all the things that make any work day difficult (but I'm still stubbornly trying to work)... a birthday is all the reason I need to LOVE this Monday. Instead...  let me tell you all the reasons I love being 45.

I used to think that 45 was old. Now 45 seems like a glorious reward for not giving up.
45 means being old enough that people respect - and sometimes even ask for - my opinion.
45 means that I survived all of the bad relationships, bad choices, tough times and sadness of the past.
45 means that I carried all of my babies through to adulthood and can be here for them as they navigate the turbulent waters of being grown ups.
45 means that I have peeled myself out of toxic friendships and have created for myself a circle of friends who sustain me and encourage me and make me stronger.
45 means a lack of tolerance for drama.
45 means having fabulous memories of scandalous adventures in my misspent youth.
45 means treasuring the older women in my life who show me how beautiful the "second act" can be.
45 only means "middle age" if you plan to live to 90. And I do.
45 means watching my brothers and sisters-in-laws and cousins and other similarly "seasoned" family members achieve career success and being thrilled for them.
45 means, for me, realizing that my "career" years are behind me. It means celebrating every day that I can work, even a little bit.
45 means accepting the limitations of my body, even if they're very different from most people my age.
45 means that my peers, the people I grew up with and went to school and church with, for the most part, have matching sets of china and grandchildren and gorgeous, well decorated homes.
45 means loving that I get to live in my parents' converted garage and in my parents' basement and since I am 45 it doesn't bother me to be that cliche. I am where I am by divine design.
45 means preparing myself for the inevitable loss of the people who were the adults in my life when I was a child.
45 is a time of peaceful acceptance for what life has brought.
45 means admiring the long, silver streaks in my hair as God's way of hanging tinsel from my scalp. This must mean that I am decorated like a Christmas tree. It's a celebration! Not a reason for hair color. Yet.
45 means that I no longer have to wear high heels to try to impress anyone. I can wear whatever shoes I like. I can even wear white before Easter and after Labor Day if I want. I can wear flipflops without a decent pedicure, if I want.
45 means that I am growing into the role of eccentric Southern woman and loving every minute of it.
45 means not needing to be partnered to feel like I am complete. I am enough all by myself. Some would say I'm TOO MUCH.
45 means loving being the old maid crazy cat lady.
45 means having beautiful nieces and nephews to adore both from close up and far away and accepting that geography and other things that get in the way can't change my love for them.
45 means shopping online as much as my little budget will allow.
45 means hours and hours of computer games and blog reading and tv watching and basically doing whatever the heck I want, whenever I want.
As I said, 45 is a reward for not giving up.

I'm so happy to be who I am and where I am. I'm so grateful for all of you who made it happen and I'm grateful for those of you who make it worth it. It may be MY birthday but a lot of us have reason to celebrate.

Love and hugs and much thanks, y'all.


Fabulous at 44! said...

Happy Birthday, Heather! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Lea said...

Happy Birthday, and many more! Also, prayers with you and your family re: your uncle's cancer, sorry to hear about that.

Leann said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Heather! Wishing you love, peace and joy today and always!

Loved your reasons:)

monique said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Have a really great day and a blessed year.