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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, April 22, 2013

Reasons To Love Monday

Little Kitty decided that even though I don't go to work until 11am today, I needed to be up and at 'em at 7am. Ugh. So here I am. Awake. I'm conscious of the fact that I've been slacking on the whole "Reasons To Love Monday" thing and since it's super duper quiet here minus Mama and the dogs, I may be able to complete a blog entry without my train of thought derailing. Here goes:

1. Though he can be annoying, I love having a sweet Little Trouble Kitty who is so - well, human. He's a great little companion and I would be lost without him. Mama's attached to him, too. She wanted me to leave him at the mountain house with her this week. No dice! He's my baby!

2. I watched a great show yesterday, "Alone In The Wilderness" and it really resonated with me. This guy retires in his early fifties and goes out into the Alaskan wilderness and builds a cabin and lives there for the next thirty years. His woodworking was amazing... he would say, "and now we need to build a lock for the door... no metal available so I'll whittle something up..." and he did. He was like this crazy wilderness MacGyver! But the best part was the animal sounds you could hear in the background. The cats were obsessed. They laid side by side at the end of my bed staring at the tv. They looked like two little kids sucked into their favorite show. It was so cute that I'm willing to allow you to see the corner of shame in my room where all kinds of random things wind up.

(Stubby was busy grooming his stub when I snapped the photo so you'll have to take my word for it that he was watching too)

3. My lame obsession on Monday nights is C-SPAN History channel. They're doing a series of lectures on the First Ladies and they bring in different historians who have researched each one and ... I greatly enjoy it.

4. My tax return has processed and is expected in my bank account this week which is about a week and a half sooner than I expected and will allow me to get the rest of the medicine that I was not sure I would be able to afford until the end of the month. It's not like I can go on a spending spree - I'm doing sensible things like paying off my balance at my doctors office and getting new tires and getting this thing fixed in my car that I've been putting off. No room for fun money at all although I will admit that I did do a little airline surfing yesterday imagining an agenda that takes me to see all the folks I love and miss... and then I did a little surfing about the historical sites that I'd like to see...and honestly, I likely won't do any of that. My relatively peaceful, restful, uneventful trip to the mountains drained my strength last weekend and took all day yesterday to recover. I can't imagine navigating an airport and having any sort of enjoyable visit anywhere. So I put that whole idea out of my head.

5. Today I have 11 Facebook friends with birthdays. I have a co-worker with a birthday, a former teacher, a couple of former school mates, my fourth son Joshy, a girl I used to go to church with, Baby Dessa's Mama... lots of folks. It's absolutely insane the number of people in my life who are born in April. I wonder if I subconsciously am drawn to people who are astrologically connected. (not that I really buy into all of that, just curious).

6. My birthday is in ONE SHORT WEEK! I'm not ashamed to own up to the fact that I will be 45 because in my mind there is no way I could possibly be 45! It almost feels like an out of body thing. When I was young I dreaded this age - this whole middle age downward slide - but I just feel so comfortable in my skin. I like who I am at almost 45 much more than I liked me at 25. Even though my abilities are declining, I am so very much enjoying watching who my friends have grown to be at this point of our lives... they make such awesome grandmas... they take fabulous vacations and have beautiful homes and do amazing things. They have purses designed in their honor-and don't think I didn't flirt with the idea of buying a Beth Bag even though it is way,way,way too expensive for me. I'm just so proud of my home girl! I'm not fluent in converting pounds to dollars but the cheapest one is 900 pounds which, unless that converts down to about $9 US, it would be too indulgent of a purchase for me. Pictures snagged without permission.Sweet Beth is on the left in the bottom photo.

7. Last Monday was such a tragic day in Boston. Then there was that devastating explosion in Texas. And then flooding all up in the Midwest. Lots of people whose lives have been interrupted in the past week. It's a new week and I pray that it's a very boring news week. Lord have mercy on us.

8. Little Kitty is convinced that we are about to leave for another trip to the mountains at any moment. He insists on keeping his "go-bag" in sight at all times. Pop and Cody loaded some things in Pop's car last night and although he doesn't always voluntarily climb into it, Kitty was GLUED to his bag. He doesn't want to be left behind.

(dontcha love the blue tape on the carpet?)

9. Every time I see the video of Neil Diamond singing Sweet Caroline at Fenway Park, my heart swells three sizes too large.

10. Reese Witherspoon arrested for disorderly conduct... what is this world coming to? It's not a Reasons to LOVE Monday but it does provide some...snarky interest... for me. My prediction: this new hubby who got popped for DUI that made Reese go all haughty on the cop, this hubby is not long for her world. Once a man starts dragging you down to the point of acting a fool, it's time to let him go. Not that I believe that marriages are disposable but... if you're routinely dealing with a drunk, your behavior will be out of line with your normal character. That's all I'm sayin'. God bless her.

11. I found out yesterday that a sweet lady that used to regularly employ me to babysit her son (who is now 30. Yes, I'm old) found my blog awhile back and has been reading! I'm telling you... this was the best babysitting gig ever because they would feed me before they left... whether it was taking me to dinner or ordering a pizza or whatever.. they made sure I was all set. I'll be honest: I wasn't a fan of babysitting and once I had my little laundrymat job, I stopped accepting babysitting jobs but not for these folks. They also have the distinction of being the people who introduced me to Sonny's BBQ which has brought me hours and pounds of enjoyment over the years. This is what makes blogging so rewarding for me... connecting with other people on a level that we rarely have the opportunity to do in real life, especially if you rarely leave the house, like me. I'm so honored that anyone is interested at all in coming here with any regularity and reading what I have to say because I know that about 90% of the time that it's just a bunch of whining nonsense. I'm glad so many real life friends and family read here... and I'm glad that those of you who never met me read here.

12. I'm working 11-2 today. Short day but likely still painful. I'm grateful for every moment that I can go and do and be gainfully employed and relatively productive.

SO there you go... lots and lots of Reasons To Love Monday... I hope you have a few of your own and it would make my day if you would share them with me! Happy Monday y'all.