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My People
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Monday, May 6, 2013

Razones Para Amar Lunes

Good grief. It's Monday again. Working a small, tiny, precious few hours a week you would think that I would bounce out of bed Tigger style and be heading out the door whistling my way to work. Instead I drag myself out of bed... feeling the worst pain I've had EVER.. and the panic attack begins because I know that no matter what, those precious few hours are going to include me doing my best impression of Lucy in the Candy Factory trying to cram what I used to do in 20 hours into six hours... and those precious few hours are going to involve pain. I know that I will come home dragging my tail behind me. I know that even those precious few hours are going to hurt and it sucks big ole rotten eggs.

I had a friend named Norma when I was growing up... her family had defected from Cuba just in the nick of time... and their primary language at home was, of course, Spanish. She had an older brother named Adolph who I thought was dreamy... but she thought was a big ole meanie because he teased her constantly in the way that big brothers do (except mine... he truly never picked on me). One of the first Spanish phrases I ever learned was, "Adolphito chupos webos" (spelling?) which she told me means "Little Adoph sucks eggs" - he was a Jr.

So, to demonstrate my advanced language skills... I submit to you that Lunes chupos webos (Monday sucks eggs) . Although, maybe the joke was on me because google translate says that I should say "Lunes chupa los huevos".  Either way. The eggs today are not scrambled or fried, they are sucked. Sucking. Whatever.

And since Lunes chupa los huevos, we have to find razones para amar Lunes.

1. Today is the birthday of one of my blog readers turned mother hen, Linda. She is many years older than me but still works full time, goes to the theatre, travels and does all kind of cool things. She gives great advice and she sends me great things in the mail. Much love, Linda!

2. I woke up on the right side of the dirt. Sometimes waking up is enough of a reward.

3. I love Monday today because I'm going to put my raggedy looking hair up in the neat and heavily sprayed down bun and consider myself styled because I don't care if I look like an old woman with a bun. Life is good when you don't care about the hair.

4. I have a cute new skirt that I bought at the thrift store last week for $2 that I have yet to wear. New clothes always make me happy, especially when there is no guilt over spending money that I don't have to spare.

5. I'm going to call and pay off my balance with the pain doctor today. It's a huge blessing to be able to pay my debts.

6. I haven't left the house since last Wednesday. It's good to get out every now and then.

7. I just realized I have a cute blouse that wouldn't go with the blue skirt but would be super cute with a long flowy black skirt.... and the blouse is new too, for a small price, super small, like a buck, I think. Either way... I'm happy to have expanded my wardrobe a bit.

8. I'm watching this very interesting series on CSPAN3 about the first ladies. This week, I think, is Julia Grant. I get very excited about this.

9. I also think there is a new episode of How I Met Your Mother this evening. Yes, I'm addicted to tv. You would be too if there wasn't much else you could become addicted to without pain... I mean, it's not like I can go hiking or spelunking or biking. TV and Computer it is!

10. Mama's making burritos for dinner. She's expanding her culinary skills after not cooking since her nest became empty.

Ok... my time is up... time to go put on my best thrift store outfit, slip my bare feet into shoes for the first time in days and put on a little makeup so I don't scare people.

Happy Monday folks!
Love and hugs!