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My People
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Friday, January 9, 2009

about my boys and other stuff

My boys... Stephen, Austin, Josh, Ryan, Cody and Bobby in the front!
The mood ring is a pretty pink today! I'm still basking in the afterglow of an Uh-mazing Gator victory last night. I thought I'd have a worse case of the draggy butts today after staying up past my bed time but I've felt pretty energetic. I'm eating better :looks to Candice for approval: although still not where I want to be diet or fitness wise, I'm in that state of awareness that I had been missing for a year or so. The sad truth is that you have to want to live before you can want to live healthy. I am really loving life right now!

Cody is loving life a little bit too, I think. My sweet friend A.T. (aka Anne in her grownup life) gave Cody a car today. Not a hot rod or anything, but it's got wheels and runs. I provided the car insurance (which, because I'm a super duper insurance whiz is not costing much) and he will be able to get around to school and his new job at the TGIFridays at the Atlanta airport. *hint hint* If you're in the Atlanta airport, stop in and say hello to the Codester. You'll recognize him because of all the pictures I post of him around here! Cody is doing really well in his massage therapy school. Nice to know he's learning some skills!
Ryan is back in PA and expecting snow according to the text I received today. I feel like quite the Modern Mommy texting with my kids.
Austin has a bit of a cold bug... a deep cough, sore throat and stuff. He better get up on over it because we're doing some deep house cleaning tomorrow! He's reading To Kill A Mockingbird. He's a great reader. He likes to tell me aaaaaallllll about what he's read. His class is only on Chapter 2 and he's on Chapter 14. I love that he reads for pleasure, not just because he has to.

I don't know if I mentioned this.... my stepson Bobby whose mama died on November 1st is still with his grandpa. I don't know all the details but I will trust that this is the best thing for him for now. Keep him in your prayers... this is such a tough thing for a kid to deal with. Bobby's a tough kid and sooooo smart! But every little boy needs a mama... I pray that there is someone special in his life to mother him the way Misty would have. I had a lot of issues with the lack of boundaries in his life... but Bobby was (and still is) special to me. This kid had pretty much anything material that he wanted but would still get excited about going to the library or getting an ice cream or getting to go to the beach with the big kids. At one point Michael told me that Bobby was the "one bright spot" in his life (just what every wife wants to hear, right?)... and I pray that Bobby can continue to have the same enthusiasm despite losing his mom.
I don't know what Stephen is up to other than a little message from him on facebook last week.... but that's still pretty cool that he will communicate with his stepmonster from time to time. Or... ex-stepmonster.

Any of y'all have experience with former stepkids? I mean... it just seems so cruel to say, "ex-stepkid". I don't know that I'll ever cross paths with these boys again but I don't feel comfortable writing them off. Of course... I also miss my mother in law, brother in law, niece, sister in law. Look... I really loved Michael's family and I loved who he was around them. With my first husband there weren't really any bonds. He was an only child, his mother was not well, his cousins and only uncle lived in Germany and then in Washington State. I didn't have the same bonds with them that I formed with Michael's family. My boys were really close to Michael's boys too. Austin and Bobby bickered and fought but they became brothers. Stephen and all three of my boys bonded. They had a good time together. This is Stephen spooning Cody (Cody is the lump of blue blanket)

They are doing some of the renovations at the office this weekend. I talked to the contractor and he said it would not be a good idea for me to work tomorrow. Hmmletmethinkaboutit.... Ok! Duane got a sandwich board sign for me to post outside whenever I'm working on Saturdays. I will probably be incorporating the Saturday hours into my work week more often. I need the money but also, I need to not leave Austin alone as much. If I can trade one more early day a week for working on Saturday mornings... well... it may be a plan. Duane likes the idea of being open on Saturdays.
Things at work have been crazy busy for the past two weeks. There is a new law in Georgia that impacts uninsured motorist coverage. I have explained it so many times that I sound like a recording. It's not as complicated as it seems but people have a tendency to glaze over when you start explaining insurance coverage to them. My cousin Mandy had the opportunity to work for her dad (my uncle that I used to work for) and after just a few days she decided the work was boring. I don't find my job boring AT ALL! I find it hectic at times. At one point today I was emailing with one client, faxing something to another client, scanning in documents for another, talking on the phone to another... and there was someone sitting in front of me waiting for me to help them! My head was spinning... but as those of you who have my work email know, I am able to respond to an email three seconds after I get it when I'm at work. It's like I thrive on the whole multitasking aspect. But then... I hit a wall and just can't do another thing. And when I get home... I'm toast.
I can hardly believe that a few months ago I could barely work five hours a day... if I ever won the lottery I would pay Kathy back for the money I earned working for her. I just never had the heart for it. I really enjoy my job now. Duane is super technical and a micromanager but he's such a genuinely sweet guy that I don't begrudge him much. Also... I have been able to tell Duane when he's getting on my nerves - I feel like we communicate well. We have to be careful not to try to outsmart-alec each other. We definitely both have firm ideas about the best way to do things. I am *trying* to be less set in my ways and stubborn and remember that it's his agency... therefore he gets to make the rules. Today he asked me if I think he treats women differently... I said, "well... you do... but not in a condescending way... you sort of treat women a little more delicately". I think he senses that there are times that I'm more fragile than other times (aka taking a ride on the bi-polar express) (come play on my mood swings!). Work has been a great escape for me. I will never be a career woman. I work because I have to eat. But if you've gotta eat and you've gotta work, this is not a bad way to make a living. If I could just sell something...
I have a stack of things beside me that I'm eager to read. I'm so glad it's the weekend! Tomorrow is going to be a purge and clean kind of day and then I'm hanging out with Natalie and the girls! Then Sunday we have a new bible study we're starting with new teachers - two ladies that I already just adore, Abbie's mom Mary and Jennifer, who has just been so loving and kind to me! I think we also start back with our Sunday night bible studies. It's going to be a busy weekend for me but I'm glad to have such a full life.
Time to read a few blogs, read a few books, play on facebook and... just chill... I love you guys!


Missie said...

Have a good weekend.

Myra said...

Deep cleaning Saturday...brings back memories! When I divorced my ex, his whole family turned their backs on me...I was in their family for 22+ years! Even my ex MIL doesn't even see my boys or their kids, which are her great grandchildren! Oh, well, her GREAT LOSS!

slj said...

It is always sad to lose extended family this way. After my ex and I were married 6 years ago, both of his daughters had children. Three. I was (and am) their Abuelita. I was lucky that after our divorce in April that they allowed me to continue being Abuelita. I promised both of his daughters that I would never say anything to them about their dad. His one daughter said thank you, I was put in the middle of my mom and dad during their divorce. I have kept that promise.
I know how hard it is to figure out what they are to us now. Well, I have decided that for me, I still love them and they are still my step-kids.
Bobby should not have had to lose you too. Shame on his dad for that.
Sorry this was so long. I just have very strong feelings on this subject.