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My People
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

a random Saturday post

Here's Stubby the 3legged Wondercat in my nest.

The story about John Travolta's son is heartbreaking.
I tried to post the pictures in order and just couldn't get them right.

I am always shocked by how much Austin can eat - and the fact that he can't manage to get trash actually IN the trash can - and the fact that there is not one square inch of floor space available in his bedroom.I am also always shocked by how compassionate he has become. He greets me every evening with a "would you like a cup of hot cider or hot chocolate?" He likes to play barista.
Last night he made apple cobbler ALL BY HIMSELF. I wrote down the directions and then left the kitchen and let him do it alone. Following instructions are difficult for kids with Asperger's because they're so literal. I had to be careful to write the directions literally and make sure he understood them. I had him read it back to me and demonstrate that he understood. He was so proud of his cobbler! And it was good.
I have zero obligations today except for feeding Angie's cat, Princess, and Angie said she'd be fine if I didn't feed her today since they'll be home tonight. I'll probably still ride over there and feed her and make sure everything is ok. They live way back off the road - their only neighbor is a rental cabin that is rarely rented this time of year.
There are a lot of things I CAN do and need to do at some point this weekend... laundry, taking down the Christmas tree, etc.
I'm going to make some soup with the leftover ham from New Year's day. I make pretty good soup and it goes a long way. I want to let today be a day of R&R for me. I have the tv preprogrammed to automatically change to the programs I want to watch. To me, that's the ULTIMATE in laziness! Not even having to change the channel!

Right now I'm watching a Biography special on Elizabeth Taylor. I LOVE drama queens!

I didn't take ambien last night and therefore didn't sleep well. I am supposed to change prescriptions. I'm on the controlled release which costs about $170 a month and now that my deductible has "reset" and I have to pay the entire amount out of pocket... I need to go back on the regular ambien that is much cheaper. I meant to ask the doctor for the new prescription while I was having my back checked out on Monday and forgot. I meant to call the office and ask them to call it in on Wednesday and forgot... so I was down to only one pill and ... they were closed yesterday! I have to save that one for Sunday night... better to be up all night on a weekend night than before a work day!

For those of you who are Beth Moore fans... she has a blog here on blogger that is written by herself and her two daughters... It's a great insight into what she's all about.

For all of you who have never watched Steel Magnolias, it's on Oxygen tonight, twice. It's a great movie. "I'd rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a whole lifetime of nothing special". You can't complete your chick flick portfolio without seeing this movie!

There are so many movies I want to see but haven't. Austin has discovered the movie watching website and keeps offering to show it to me. I just don't have time to take in all I want to see. I sooooo wish there had been internet at the condo. I wasted so much time there... I could have been catching up on movies instead of watching old episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8 and The Girls Next Door. The only place we had internet was in Stephen's room and up against the kitchen wall... and neither was a comfortable place to stay for long.

I also have a pile of books and magazines to finish reading. I'm also trying to catch up on blogs.
The last of the sausage balls are being cooked. Remo... they're not QUITE like biscuits... although they are made with Bisquick. They're sort of a sausage/cheese/biscuit combo. I promise to not make you eat one.

To my friend the Gypsy, glad you made it home safely. The things we do for love, right? I'm praying that your devotion pays off.

Here's a cute website if you're bored and want to surf....

I've managed three loads of laundry, a long phone conversation and hours of blog reading while typing this entry. I just keep coming back and adding things as I think of them.

Now I'm watching a show about Johnny Cash. "I want a love like Johnny and June". Walk the Line is one of my favorite movies. "We got married in a fever... " They just have such an incredible love story of devotion and commitment. They understood the whole "for better or worse" concept.

I'm really rockin' the single girl look today... third day hair in a ponytail, mismatched outfit, no makeup. I'm frightening... but SO comfortable! It's ok to slack for a day... I'll clean up tomorrow.
Austin has two projects today: clean his room and take the ornaments off the tree. He's doing them both slowly. It's his last real day off before Winter Break is over.
I'm ready for a Saturday afternoon nap. The Falcons are in a playoff game at 4:30. I love sleeping during football games. I'll probably wait until then to snooze.
It sort of bothers me that about 50 of my "top 200 channels" that I'm paying for with my satellite tv are Dish Network channels pushing pay per view events. Another 50 are shopping channels
I have this weird thing where I notice lefthanded people. I am like the keeper of lefthanded trivia. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are both lefthanded. There is a disproportionate percentage of actors who are lefthanded. I think it has to do with the whole lefthanded creativity thing. I'm lefthanded, by the way.
Yeah. A nap is sounding like a great idea. Love and hugs, y'all.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing Sat. If you want to see a great movie it is called PS I Love You. Maybe you have seen it already if not get the tissues ready. I watched it over the Holidays with my girls and it is touching, funny, romantic a chic flick at its best. Julie

Jmoqueen said...

Well done to Austin and the apple cobbler. Steel Magnolias is an awesome film :o) Hope you have a great weekend x

Chrissie a.k.a. HoneyB said...

I think the cat was blogging. lol
Steel Magnolias is a great movie.
The only left handed person around us is my SIL she is very book smart, but no common sense. She does love to draw, but that is as far as her creativity side goes.
Take care, Chrissie

Myra said...

I think I may have Netflix'd Steel Magnolia's once and never watched it...maybe I'll have to get it again. I'm not much of a movie watcher or even TV for that matter.

Tina of Moon Shine said...

what are zip tie chains?

cw2smom said...

I am a lefty also!!! Yay us!!! I haven't seen Steel Magnolias yet, but plan to get to it soon! Oh, like Julie said...PS I LOVE YOU is wonderful! Cave Man and I watched it recently and it's awesome. He's such a good man to watch those kind of chick flicks with me! Blessings Sweetie! Lisa