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My People
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

tuesday stuff

I went to work this morning and felt pretty durn good today... as a matter of fact... I was pain free for most of the day. The ick came back around 4:30... like a bolt of lightning into the side of my head... while I was quoting some new auto business. My job is to be cheerful and enthusiastic and engaging... to convince people that they want to let my company handle their insurance business. I was faking it big time this afternoon... but I am so grateful that I made it through the whole day! I wouldn't have dreamed it possible this morning.

Look back over the last year of my medical history: adenomyosis, nevus sebaceous, mastoiditis... three words that weren't even in my lexicon... yet they all have shaped my life.

Of course, there are some other words that were out of my vocabulary at this time last year... faith, hope, love, joy, self-worth, unconditional, compassion, community, family, friends... and reintroducing those words into my life has made for a much better quality of life.

My grandmother sent me a sweet note over the weekend and she did it -without even knowing the circumstances that brought me here. It is so God for her to have written this... saying exactly what I needed to hear... even though she didn't know. In the same way, I will read the notes that were left in my Grandma Pennington's bible and they are straight to the heart of the matter. They bring me much peace.

On the way home from work today I passed a dead raccoon in the road, a dead rabbit in the road, a dead possum in the road and a dead skunk in the road and it STUNK! Sarabeth and Jamie play this game where one will say, "I was walking down the road today and you know what I saw?" "no... what?" "I saw a dead skunk with guts oozing out all over the road" "ewwww" "and you know what I did?" "no, what?" "I one it." "I two it" "I three it" "I four it" "I five it" "I six it" "I seven it" "I ATE IT!" and then they both scream "ewwwww!". This can go on for hours and involve however many people are around. This is typically a car game.

Austin has discovered Jon and Kate plus 8. He watches all the episodes and makes fun of how the kids talk. It's sorta cute.

Jim and Michelle Dugger are visiting Haight Ashbury tonight. They visited a head shop and didn't realize it. She is soooo the Anti-Kate!

BTW... I'm blogging under the influence. I toughed it out all evening but had to have some pain relief tonight. I stayed up late last night sparkin' and I'm worn out today. So I'll be checking out soon.

Austin made dinner for me tonight - spaghetti! It was his first time ever making spaghetti. I made some pictures... will upload them tomorrow, maybe. He also made cobbler. I supervised him making it once and now he knows how to do it! The instructions I wrote down for him are still in the window sill. He had to glance at it, but at least he is cooking! I need to compile a book of easy recipes for my boys for when they're out on their own.

It's been a good day... thanks for all your encouragement today. Love and hugs!


sober white women said...

I am glad that you made it! Now get some rest! LOL
That is awesome of Austin!

Kelly Dawn said...

sorry its been a while since i commented... :) I always read...I just sometimes barely have time to breathe...

love you...

hope you have a great day tomorrow :)


PS - Dean is still super hot *wink wink*

Tina of Moon Shine said...

glad you made it through the day. Not sure you should have tried it, I know you need the hours/money but your body can only do so much at a time. It needs its energy to fight off that very serious infection.
now that I have lectured you...enjoy those pain pills!

Anonymous said...

Encourage the cooking! I encourage everyone to cook. It is fantastic.. and for someone with Austin's approach to things, he could find it very compelling and he could get really good.

For you the benefits would be two fold: 1) You'd eat like the queen you are, and C) cooking can be a fine living.

Just let him have fun with it and distinguish early the difference between cooking, baking, and chemistry.


Big Mark 243 said...

Glad you made it thru the day!