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My People
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Friday, January 16, 2009

another blog entry about the cold weather

Everyone is blogging about the cold weather. Yeah. Me too. I drove through town this morning after taking my goofy boy who doesn't even own a coat, much less want to wear one, to school. "Mom... it's not that bad!" The sign at the bank near the First Baptist Church flashed 8 degrees. Eight. I laughed out loud! Oh, how life has changed for me! Last winter Austin wore shorts almost every day. This winter... well, he would still wear shorts but now I don't let him.

I appreciate how Zaxby's is giving all these folks who are about twenty minutes past their fifteen minutes of fame a paycheck. Tonight I saw one with Bela Karoyli. (spellcheck - I don't do Ukrainian names well. Now I'm wondering if I misspelled Ukrainian).

All I know is that all this cold weather has me sleeeeepy! I could pull the blankets up and be asleep in ten minutes, without ambien. Stubby the 3legged Wondercat who drinks from the toilet and licks his butt and then wants to drink out of my glass and eat off my plate kept waking me up last night so that I could pet him. He is absolutely rotten. He was giving me a confused look tonight when I was changing clothes... you know that special way cats have of looking at you and making you feel insecure.... I looked at him and said (out loud) "Oh yeah? Well, you drink out of the toilet!"

Work was alternately ridiculously busy and then mind-numbing slow today. There was this funny old couple that came in last week... you know the type, they have been together so long that they don't even hear each other speaking and completely talk over each other? I spent a dizzy hour with them last week trying to answer the both at the same time. Then yesterday she called and had (surprise!) missed about half of what I explained to them. I spent a half hour on the phone with her yesterday. Then today while I was at lunch they called and made an appointment to see me this afternoon. Aces. They are soooo sweet... and so appreciative... but they don't listen to a thing I say. I did everything but pull out my top hat and cane and perform vaudeville for them. In the end they left feeling much better about their coverage and hugged me and thanked me for my time. That's why I make the big bucks. Or something.

I ate much better today. My lunch was this great salad reminiscent of the great salads of my most effective weight loss days... butter leaf lettuce, spinach, cilantro, baby beets, chickpeas and sunflower seeds with a dressing of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Letsee... I've covered the weather, my lunch, the cat drinking from the toilet... yeah. That's pretty much my fabulous Friday night. I'm feeling very chilled and peaceful today. I still have pictures to share of the crazy cat and the dead rat.... so you have all that to look forward to tomorrow!

love and hugs y'all!
safe travels, buddy!


Missie said...

Stay warm and have a good weekend.

sober white women said...


cw2smom said...

You are sweet to take your time with the elderly peeps! We'll all be there someday! Well, I hope to be there! LOL! 8 degrees. YIKES. It's 17 here. You crack me up talking to the cat as he looks at your while you're getting dressed. Too funny! Take care and stay warm, Hugs, Lisa

Tina of Moon Shine said...

my friday night may have yours beat. I have all that PLUS the girls and I made a late night trip to wally world. you know, these kids really haven't seen these temps before. I know mine haven't. Mck refuses to wear a heavy coat but last night she saw the light!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The cold weather always makes me sleepy for sure. Up north we do own lots of coats but in this cold it takes layers of clothig to keep warm. Hope your Saturday is a great one. 'On Ya'-ma

Anonymous said...

we finally came out of the "DEEP FREEZE!" It has been around 25 below here for the past four to five nights. A town about 2 hrs north of here routinely is the coldest place in the nation - it's called "Embarrass" and this week it got down to 46 BELOW! Mike was like, "do we live on Mars?!" We will get to FLorida someday!

Anonymous said...

I read Melissa's comment and just had to wonder ~ do you (Melissa) go outside at all when the weather is that cold? Do you make a quick trip to the store, or do you just wait for it to warm up? Just curious ~ I could barely load groceries into my car with the wind blowing at 31 degrees I was so cold. I can't imagine it being below zero and having to function outside.

Big Mark 243 said...

I can imagine it is a challenge to get a young boy into a coat when he doesn't want to wear one! Were I to judge from this entry, I'd say that you are doing well.

He is a male cat right ... and he is looking at you dress ... hmm, I AM a male cat, now do you really want to know what I'd be thinking watching you dress?

Anonymous said...

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