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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, January 15, 2009

things that made me smile today

Things that made me smile today:

I remembered to pay the water bill.
2 Chronicles 30:9
Isaiah 38 - the whole chapter
Emails and phone calls from Dean - it's nice to have a buddy.
Realizing that I'm better off
My little market had fresh cilantro and quinoa!
I had a baked potato and pinto beans for lunch.
I had leftover pizza for breakfast.
I had a lean cuisine pizza for dinner.
I had pound cake and peanuts for snack.
It was an all "P" diet today
But not all that healthy. *sigh*
Some days are diamonds, somedays are stone.
Miracle on the Hudson River
Bush's farewell speech. I still like him, y'all.
My client who wants to convince me that global warming is real... when the temps are dipping in single digits here in the south tonight.
It's not that global warming isn't real (I'm not opening up that debate) it's just the irony of trying to prove that in a cold snap.
Austin washed the dishes and even cleaned out the sink. With bleach.
I got off at 4pm today - comp time.
I made a grocery store run, made me feel all organized and domestic.
Stubby fell asleep with one leg covering his eyes to shut out the light.
I'm feeling really at peace this week. No grieving. Just feeling blessed.
Loving my new Beth Moore bible study, "Breaking Free". Good stuff.
Ready for zzzzz
love y'all!


Peaceful Epiphany said...

"Stubby fell asleep with one leg covering his eyes to shut out the light."----That just made me LOL for some reason.

Missed Bush's speech due to PT. I was told today that I still had about a month before I could drive. I wanted to CRY. A MONTH! Damn. Just damn.

I feel like a STUBBY.

Anonymous said...

It's the other woman's husband again. Heather. Thanks for the frienship! When this all first started I was told you were a pill popping lunatic. Then my wife started calling me a lunatic. As I started to wonder if I was truly one I realized that these are just head games,created by an insecure MJD. I noticed a huge change in my lieing wife. Once the lies start they could not be stopped. She started to say I do not recall, I never said that etc. The remaining time in my house became a court room. She tried to get me arrested for taking the internet card I was paying for and a lap top that was for the family she no longer was letting the kids use. She attacked me, called the police and got herself arrested. Seeing the change in my wife concerned me, speaking to you concerned me, learning and realizing what MJD is "a head gamer" is exactly why I'm fighting for full custody to keep my kids away from him. Michael you have ruined many lives because of your insecurities,lies and lack of respect for others. As with Heather, Andrea will learn the truth about you, A family that was going through tough times was worth saving is shattered. You'll move on to the next family then destroy that one too. Andrea he started an affair with you at work, he knew you were married with children. Do you think it was his first? Be his last? You didn't give your family a second chance to be with him. SAD! Your no better than he is! Michael I can't wait to see you at the next family gathering. Cheyenne's Birthday. That's right both of you didn't think of anyone else but yourselves when you guys started this destruction. Sorry I got off the subject. Heather you have accomplished what they both will never be able to say YOU RAISED YOUR THREE BOYS. Pat yourself on the back. Always be proud! MICHAEL YOU WALKED AWAY FROM YOUR BOYS!

Myra said...

It really is the simple things in life that make a life! Kudos to Austin to doing chores...with bleach, no less! You have surely come a long way!

sober white women said...

I like your list of things that you smile. On my list that would be seeing one of the cats i fostered grow to be a beautiful girl.

Jeanne said...

You know, I was reading Dean's comment and I just don't get it. How does MJD do it? How does he get women to throw it all away...leave their homes and their families and their kids...just to be with him. It's not his looks...(lol) I see many, many similarities between Andrea and Heather when she was with MJD and I don't understand how ONE MAN can cause such chaos in a family. My the time MJD is finished with Andrea, she will be a "pill popping lunatic" too. Seems MJD has that effect on women!


Peaceful Epiphany said...
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