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My People
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Monday, January 26, 2009

well... it's not an ear infection

Well, mother hens, the old girl doesn't have an ear infection. And it's not TMJ, as I had suspected. It's mastoiditis, a rare complication of ear infections. I'm (once again) on some hardcore antibioTics, pain meds, muscle relaxers (because it causes tightness in the jaw muscles which makes the pain worse). If you google mastoiditis, it basically says that this is what used to kill children back in the days before antibiodics. It's a leading cause of hearing loss. So... needless to say, I am glad that the pain was bad enough that I wanted to go to the doctor... and slightly (only slightly) freaked out about the potential complications. I trust that I will be fine... and I will take my antibioTic, even if it makes me sick. :raises right hand and solemnly swears:

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play? Seriously. It was not a bad day. I would have loved to feel better but I think all things considered, I'm ok. I sent out a mass "everyone in my address book" invitation on Facebook and am (slightly) embarassed. Of course, being a dork is what I do best, so even that isn't as much of a problem as it once might have been. Or maybe my antidepressants are doing their job! Ha!

The good news, the really good news, is that *despite being at the end of the pay period* I managed to have enough left in the checkbook to manage the doctor's visit and the three prescriptions I needed, despite being at the beginning of the year (and having to pay everything out of pocket). I was a little worried that I would have to go begging to be able to afford one or the other (doctor visit or prescriptions) but it worked out ok. Oddly, everything seems to work out ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end.

The upside to all of this is that I have ZERO appetite. Maybe this will get the weight loss jump started. I won't be running any marathons this week... but at least I'm pausing before every bite (since it feels like knives cutting into the back of my ear whenever I chew).

Life is good, y'all. God is good. Love and hugs!


sober white women said...

Yes my dear friend Life is good!
Three cheers for you for having the money to pay for everything. I am so glad that you ARE making it.... in every part of your life.
I still have not made the leap to facebook LOL

cw2smom said...

Wow! That sounds like a pretty serious infection! I am sooooo glad your body and your common sense told you to see a doctor! I was just reading about that Brazilian beauty queen who died over the weekend from a UTI gone wild! Modern day medicine couldn't save her after they initially diagnosed it incorrectly and it got really, really bad. Call me a "Mother Hen" if you like, but I was worried! What a blessing that you had enough money left to take care of YOU befored payday! Blessings and wishes for speedy recovery! Lisa

Tina of Moon Shine said...

well, I responded to you on facebook but I am going to again here. Yes, that is a serious infection. Thank God you went to the dr and again, Thank you, Father, that you had to money to cover it. He does provide.

Now, do NOT overdo it. I know you have to work, but when you get home, rest!!! and drink plenty of fluids. there.

slj said...

Things do have a way of working themselves out..Amen
Feel better,