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My People
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

giving His invisible character a glimpse of visability

We were created for the purpose of giving His invisible character a glimpse of visibility.
- Beth Moore, Breaking Free

I was meant to seek attention. I'm supposed to live my life "out loud". That's my calling. I am, according to Psalm 139:14, "fearfully and wonderfully made". (and may I just take a moment to thank my kind friend Robert for acknowledging my wonderfulness in his comment the other day? I treasure and humbly appreciate your opinion.)

So many times I would be asked not to share the things that were happening in my life as they were looked upon as "bashing" or negative. My question is this: if I speak the truth about your life and that truth feels negative, does the solution lie in my hiding the truth or you changing your life?

Doubtless, I am still learning to use my gifts for God's glory. We have identified in me what my friend Dean calls, "the ability to articulate". There are times that articulation presents itself in sarcasm or negativity or bitterness. Guilty. It's all there and I'm dealing with those aspects of my character. I'm workin' on it. But I am no mistake of nature. There is a reason that I have this compulsion to share everything from the color of my socks to the amount of money in my bank account - because God CAN be glorifed through my life. I can make Him real to people who might not otherwise be able to see the hand of God.

Wow. What an awesome responsibility. Beth goes on to say, "If we grasp all the eternal implications of such a destiny, we would want to do anything possible to make sure all hindrances were removed." That means I need to get out of the way and stop blocking your view. That means that I need to be less about the hurt and more about the healing. That means that I need to speak the truth in love, not anger. I need to show you the possibilities, not just the problems. He is so good to me.

The word Christian means "little Christ". For some people, I am the only Christ they will ever see. It's humbling to realize the impression I'm making. Some of the most inspirational people in the world are people who are suffering servants of Christ... Joni Earackson Tada comes to mind. She was paralyzed as a teenager and is an amazing artist and speaker. She can't use her hands so she paints with her mouth. Nancy Guthrie, who I blogged about last weekend is another great example. I need to be transparent but I also need to make sure that what people see is going to attract them to God, not make them run screaming in the other direction.

I'm gonna work on this.
More later.
love and hugs!


*Tracy* said...

i hope your enjoying your weekend! hugs

Anonymous said...

" thank my kind friend Robert for acknowledging my wonderfulness "

My pleasure. Sometimes the truth is fun!

Now for discussing the rest of the post, and iscussing the trith in love...

Let's say, just for argument's sake, that you get miraculous divine note saying "Circumstances are such Heather, that as long as you stay in loose touch and don't do anything really truly evil, your salvation is assured. As for your terrestrial time, I'll do what I can, but no promises. I'll see you when you get up here. Best, G-d."

How would that change your behavior?

I am concerned when I meet religious people of any faith who say "I behave as I am divinely commanded." [I am NOT saying that this is what you're doing].

Rather, I am interested when people say "With my savior's help, I am less worried about the earthly consequences of doing good works, not because I will be saved from harm's way, but simply because I am more confident in myself, for I know who I am and for whom I act."

I sometimes worry that they are a little crazy, but I always find them interesting.

One of the St. Thomas boys (Either More or Aquinas) said that the search for meaning was both essential and a guaranteed failure for "one can never know the mind of God".

I would think that in the moment, there is an assurity that comes with blessed work. However, in the night, in the dark, the doubt must surely come.

I would think that the doubt is both the most aching aspect of Christian life and perhaps the most bountiful.

This leads to another Christian Conundrum: Surely, in reality, the well being of the divine does not depend on the faith of any one person, nor is there really an interest in a person living a Christian life as a means to salvation.

Surely, instead, this is merely the carrot which should eventually lead one to understanding that a carefully understood and practiced life of grace is, in and of itself, its own reward.

In which case, the divine note of guarantee is perhaps less important in the first place.

Not bad for 2:30 AM, huh?