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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

there are more stars here

On the way home from church tonight Austin said, "hey mom, have you noticed that you can see more stars here?" In the mountains, he means. I think the truth is that we can see a lot of things more clearly here.

I have some cutiepatootie pictures that I took of Sarabeth & Jamie, my friend Natalie's daughter (and Sarabeth's BFF) Jorjanne and my sweet Abbie. I just can't get my editing program to cooperate. Maybe tomorrow.

Abbie overheard us call Austin, "Auggie" which is the name that the family has always called him. Abbie asked if she could call him that. I told her he wouldn't even notice. She tried it tonight... and then she giggled after he left, "I called him Auggie". Auggie thinks I've lost my mind because I suggested he could take Abbie to their school Valentine's Day dance. He's new here but he's made a lot of friends and I think if he were to show some compassion to someone like Abbie, it could only endear him to the other girls. I told him it was up to him... no pressure.... but that if he doesn't have a girlfriend by the Sr. Prom that he's taking Abbie. I just want her to be able to participate in all the normal activities of a teenage girl.

Dinner tonight at church was meatloaf and mashed potatoes and salad bar. Angie and I were laughing so loudly that we got shushed (in a friendly way) and called cackling hens. We just enjoy each other. She's the sister that I had to wait 26 years to get. We just have a good time together.

Church on Wednesday night is so much more about fellowship than any other service... visiting between tables, getting hugs, catching up from the week... it's just very relaxed and friendly. And since Angie plays the drums on Sundays we don't really get to sit together on Sunday mornings until right as the sermon starts and then after the service they usually have a meeting or a rehearsal or something going on. Wednesday nights are our bonding time.

My Breaking Free bible study went well. We have a few new ladies in the class and it was the first week of the study so we were a little reserved. But I do love those girls. Austin came in at the end of the study *we're all moms so no one minds when a young'n comes in* and one of the new ladies said, "I know who you are! You're Jim's sister!" And then we had to debate whether or not Jim and I look alike. Mistie had her new baby in class nursing. We had another little on... it's just a warm loving, friendly, family place to be. I love these girls!

My sore throat was only a minor irritation today. I didn't lose my voice as I had thought but it IS hurting now that I'm home and still. God got me through the whole day. Now I can chill.

I am up to 237 friends on facebook! I could be like.... Facebook Prom Queen or something! *joking*

The last I heard on the frog who swallowed a pebble was that he was hanging in there. So is dad. He had an important review today regarding the custody issues and he feels encouraged. I have been praying... I almost want to go down there and just wrap my arms around them all and pray right there, in the moment and let them feel the awesome power of God... and the compassion ofthe holy spirit.

Well. Without pictures, this is just a boring entry. Leave me some love and some inspiration.

love y'all


Big Mark 243 said...

One of the things I don't take for granted, is 'boring'. THAT is even more noteworthy, because it is in those moments that you can sit and appreciate the growth and anticipate the direction you are headed in.

Estela said...

One of the things that I like about living in our small southern town is that we DO see a lot more stars. There is less "light noise" in small towns than in larger towns, so you can see even the smaller stars in the sky. :)