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My People
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

the week in pictures

These are supposed to be artistic looking pictures of me. Had to take advantage of a good hair day. The low humidity we had with the super cold air last week was great for straightening my hair. And the scar on my forehead is really starting to fade! (look at pictures on my sidebar to see the "thing" I had removed from my forehead)

After my deep philosophical post this morning, I thought it might be nice to bring some balance to my blog with some of my goofy pictures from the week. I am especially proud of the rat skeleton pictures because it creeped me out to take them... but it's not often you find a dead rat in your office. Thank goodness. The funny thing is that we left him there... sorta reminded me of a dead bee that A.T. has in her van. She figured that after all the trouble he went to getting into her van, that he deserved to be able to rest in peace.
I have had a super relaxing weekend. Yesterday was spent running errands, paying bills, cooking, resting, watching movies... last night I watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Tonight I'm watching Bye Bye Birdie. Lots of happy feel good musicals for me!
I also managed to do two and a half days worth of my Breaking Free bible study and it has been awesome for me. I highly recommend it. I have been listing the things that have me in bondage in the front of the book and every day I think of something else. We don't realize how much "junk" there is holding us captive. Captivity is anything that hinders us from living an effective and abundant life.
Thanks to Robert for the great blog dialogue today. Even at 2:30 in the morning, your wisdom is unsurpassed. Thanks to Dean for the phone calls this weekend. I would be lonely without you! Thanks to the people who wrote me today to tell me that you enjoy my blog. Such great affirmation! Thanks to Kelly for watching Bye Bye Birdie with me! Thanks to Austin for the yummy hot chocolate. Thanks to my precious sister in law Angie for your sweet message this afternoon. Great news! Sarabeth has discovered American Girl dolls! What fun we'll have! And I suppose I should thank my husband for the laptop and digital camera... we wouldn't be having all of this fun without them!
I hit the two hundred mark on facebook today! Fun stuff!
Ok... bedtime for me! Love and hugs, y'all!


Anonymous said...

Heather, Remember as we go through this together we have learned you are better of without MJD. Why my wife has relieved you of such pain is yet to be seen. Today I realized that a relationship between the two of them appears to have been going on longer than I expected and I feel better. Better because I have been set free from someone who did not appreciate me. As I was working to put our family back on their feet my wife was starting a new life with another man, a man who knew there was small children involved, a man who knew I am a great father. I was doing everything I thought I needed to do, never once did she ever put a hand on my shoulder and tell me that there has to be another way to get us out of the mess. Instead I was asked if it was ok to go on a business trip the kids first week of school. I agreed, not knowing MJD would be spending Sunday and Monday with her. I was also asked around the same time if it would be ok for MJD to take my 6 year old son for a ride, just them two alone for about 1 hour to go play with his nephew. I questioned it, but then agreed as long as my wife felt it was ok. That trip never happened, probably because of the little bit of guilt they may have been feeling. Looking back on this event I clearly believe this was an attempt to start a relationship with my son. I'm starting to accept my wife is no better than MJD, she has become mean, lies and places the blame on me. Andrea next time you look across the table at MJD consider it a mirror, be very scared, for it is what you are becoming.


Tina of Moon Shine said...

i enjoyed the pics. have a nother great week!