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My People
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

do Christians give their fair share?

Do you ever want to run away from the reality of this world? I don't know about previous generations... much... I do read a lot of history and biographical books so I know a little but I've only been alive since 1968 so I don't know as much as my elders.

I just turn on the news and read my favorite news websites and I feel like there is so much wrong with the world today. Things that make perfect sense to me... or are perfect nonsense to me... are in conflict with the majority.

I read a facebook status yesterday that talked about how Christians (in this scenario Right Wing Conservatives) are supposed to care about the poor and instead, block programs that help the poor. Are you KIDDING ME?

Christians provide a huge percentage of care for the poor and disadvantaged. I know in my life it has been the church - fellow Christians - who have stood in the gap for me.

Mitt Romney strongly supports the Mormon Church... giving his tithes and offerings to the tune of about 14% of his income annually.

There is little difference between the Gingrich's and the Obama's... both giving around 2.5% to charity...

For the years before he was anointed Vice President Joe Biden gave an average of $369 a year to charity... roughly .03 % of his income.

Make no mistake... Liberals are all about helping the poor with OTHER PEOPLE's money.

When we talk about giving our "fair share"... apparently that means to the United States Government for them to decide - since we as citizens are incapable of determining who is truly poor and in need of assistance.

That's the function of socialism / communism, whichever we're headed towards... from each according to their means, to each according to their needs. No reward for success or hard work. No stigma for lack of willingness to work.

I've been on public assistance. I never accepted welfare - which goes under the acronym of TANF  "temporary assistance to needy families" - but we have been on food stamps (which, by the way, aren't really "stamps" that carry the weight of shame for using them - they are loaded onto a card which looks the same as a debit or credit card and no one really knows that you're using them. Which is why... when people talk about the urban legend of the lady in the fur coat dripping with diamonds buying groceries with Food Stamps -I question the relevance and likelihood of that happening in our current economic climate... but I digress) and we have been on medicaid. Austin is on Peachcare which is the program by the State of Georgia to provide medical assistance to children from lower income families. Again... no real stigma... we get a card that looks like any other insurance card and nobody knows the difference. I pay a monthly premium that is reasonable and the care he receives is good.

I consider my household to be one of the working poor. Although, I read something the other day that said that if you know where your next meal is coming from, you're not really poor. And that's the case. We have never been in a "pantry completely empty" situation. We've been close a lot of times. We've had weeks where we had meals that neither one of us really cared for - cereal or ramen noodles or whatever but we weren't starving. I made a donation to the local food pantry yesterday - we have received help from them in the past and I was glad to be able to give back. But we don't have savings. We live paycheck to paycheck. We struggle and I don't see that improving in the near future.

But I never fear homelessness. I know that my family, friends and church are a safety net for us. I know that we will never sleep under a bridge. We will never be stranded. Hungry. Alone. Not because I trust the U. S. Government to provide for us but because God is good.

I am frustrated with this political race. I'm unable to support Mitt Romney because there's a lot I disagree with about his faith, his attitude, his prior political leanings and activities. I'm unable to support Newt Gingrich because I believe he's a narcissist and an adulterer and you know how I feel about both of those traits. I'm most closely aligned with Rick Santorum but I don't believe he can win against Obama. Ron Paul is this generation's Ross Perot - just an instigator who isn't a serious contender.

I fear the state of our union if we are subjected to another four years of Obama. He has trampled on the Constitution. He has no respect for this country, it's people, it's laws. He is not a patriot. He is at best a socialist and at worst, a communist. (man... I'm going to end up on the no-fly list). I pray that he is not re-elected.

I've faced a lot of unfair situations in my life. Sometimes I haven't gotten what I deserve - in a poor me, nothing ever goes my way perspective. And sometimes, by the grace of God, I haven't gotten what I deserve in a "dodged a bullet" kind of way. There are a lot of things wrong with this world and some of them trickle down to affect me - you - our neighbors - none of us are more than two degrees of separation from someone who is being impacted by the economy. Few of us are enjoying peace and prosperity. You may have one but not the other.

It gets worse, y'all. We were so excited about liberating Egypt... and now Egypt is not allowing any Americans to leave the country. In my lexicon, I consider that being held hostage, although the media isn't reporting it that way.

Who is in charge in Libya? We spent an awful lot of money in a "no boots on the ground" military action there. An action that was never authorized by our elected Representatives... because Obama doesn't feel compelled to honor the system of checks and balances put forth in the Constitution.

We owe a lot of money to China. How long until they demand payment and completely unravel our delicate economy? How much larger will we allow our debt to grow?

Spin the globe, point to a country... there's a crisis either going on or looming...

Gas prices are inching up again. We're not willing to provide our own oil ... allow new pipelines to bring oil into our country... we're giving away millions and billions to developing new sources of energy and nothing is coming to fruition. Iraq is already back in chaos and Iran? Ready to "nuke 'em til they glow"... whether it's the U.S. or Israel or anyone who opposes them.

I don't have an answer and I don't mean to be gloom and doom. The blood pressure is still high, 149/94 just now and I'm resting... and have been other than the hour or so it took me yesterday to run some errands. I have restricted my housekeeping to cleaning out the fridge this weekend. (no big sacrifice there!) I probably shouldn't dwell on these issues but... in a way... I feel like we have to be awake and aware and watchful of what's going on. It's frustrating. It's frightening. I'll end with this... I think it's our only hope as a nation...

If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and SEEK MY FACE and TURN FROM THEIR wicked ways... then will I hear from Heaven and heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14.