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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, January 21, 2012

stormy saturday

First light peeking through the trees... we're expecting stormy weather today but other than a brief food shopping trip... I'm in the nest all day.

Oh and Austin's overnight company couldn't come last night so we will go pick him up today. I'm always a tad anxious when driving around the county based on Austin's directions... never know when I will face a road that my little car can't handle. Hopefully Gator Boy lives on a paved road.

Coffee good. Cafe Bustelo is muy bueno, mi amore.

I finally found my popcorn bowl. It's on top of the cabinets above where I can reach. Austin's organization. Oy.

Y'all remember my magic microwave popcorn trick, right? 1/2 cup of old fashioned popcorn kernels in a paper lunch sack... fold the top of the sack over twice... put in the microwave for about 2 minutes (listen to when the kernels stop popping)... and you have a clean, healthy, no unpronounceable chemical laden popcorn. It's my favorite treat. I melt a pat of real butter and pour over it and it's the best!

My plans for today are to get my messy room cleaned up to the point where it looks like a healthy adult woman lives here as opposed to looking like a teenager or a sick elderly woman who can't take care of herself. It's a mess.

My living room is a mess because Austin broke his box spring - yes, the brand new one he got in July after the fire when he got brand new really nice bedding - by jumping on it. Jumping. On. It. Yes, friends, this young man will be able to vote in 40 days and he is still jumping on his bed. Anyways... when he last cleaned his room a few weeks ago he took the broken box spring out and put it in the living room and made arrangements with the maintenance man to either haul it off or take it apart and burn/recycle the metal parts. It hasn't happened yet so the box spring is LITERALLY in the middle of my living room.

My living room needs to be renamed the entry way because we do precious little living in there. My room should be renamed the den. Austin's needs to be renamed the rumpus room. Apparently. The kitchen is still the kitchen. The dining room. I don't know.

Little Kitty - Trouble - loves when the sun first comes up. He sits in the window in amazement.

Yesterday was a not bad day. I wrote two new auto policies which gives me five, I think, since I came back. I have to work harder to generate business in the back but it's been good for me. Bloom where you are planted, you know?

I spent my lunch hour getting snacks for Austin for the weekend and treated myself to a latte. Starbucks is no longer selling the pumpkin spice lattes... that season has passed.

I did have time to enjoy a salad from Ingles salad bar and a little study in 1 Samuel. I feel like there is so much spiritual/biblical/theological stuff that I want to absorb... I'm almost a little a.d.d. in my studies... however... I have always loved King David and was in a mood to sort of trace his life a little more carefully. David impresses me because he was nowhere near a perfect person... and yet he was used of God. It's encouragement to me as a person who has wandered off track time after time again to know that there's hope.

I've got a little more work to do on the passages I read yesterday because they didn't make chronological sense to me. In 1 Samuel 16, Samuel anoints David... and towards the end of the chapter King Saul has the blues and they bring young David to come and play the harp for him. Then in chapter 17 David is back tending sheep and Goliath is scaring the Israelites to death with his offer to do battle only with him. David goes to Saul and asks for permission to fight Goliath... and Saul goes so far as to outfit David in his armour - which David rejects because it's uncomfortable. Then after David is successful in killing Goliath, Saul asks who this young man is.

It's like... dang Saul... how can you NOT know who he is? Are you that out of touch with your subjects? The kid has been playing the harp for you... you gave him your own armour...

But when I read it in the Message version of the bible, it reads more like Saul is asking more about David's family because he wants to know MORE about David.

Anyways... my point is that when you read the bible out of a sense of seeking knowledge and wisdom and understanding... you will find things out that you already thought you knew. It's fresh and different every time.

So I guess that's all the happenings here in the nest. Hope you have a Super Saturday and Wonderful Weekend. Love and hugs, y'all!


Gina Lynn said...

Thanks for the info on the popcorn. I had never thought of that.

Heather said...

It's awesome and so much cheaper than buying microwave popcorn. Tastes like the popcorn we grew up with - or I did - anyways - back before we had microwaves.