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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm thankful for an anchor

Three days of work... I left early yesterday as I usually do on Wednesday but I didn't make it to Bible Study. I hit a brick wall. (not literally, just figuratively). By the time I got home I was feverish and having chills and feeling so weak again. IF I have learned anything over the past month it's that God gives me clear signs about what I'm supposed to do to take care of myself.

You see, I am fearfully and wonderfully made... and I have the blessing of still being in touch with the one who created me... and He knows how to keep me on track. I'm having some pain this morning... I just keep telling myself I'm only three weeks past having my hiney rebuilt and I have to keep in perspective that I am not *yet* ten feet tall and bullet proof. But I'm CLOSE! Without giving TOO MUCH information... I can now tell how extensive the change was in my body and it's very different... it's no wonder that the whole digestive process has been so difficult.

Still...I'm so grateful for the blessings of this week.
It's Thankful Thursday and I'm feeling so much gratitude for the difference in my life between last week and this one. There has been so much healing that has taken place.
I'm so excited every morning to get up, put on my work clothes and a little makeup and head out into this beautiful world.
I'm thankful for my new office. It feels really good to be able to focus on marketing and not have to deal with the people who wander in to make payments. Our walk in clients typically have been marketed to death, at least by me. It's really cool for our two new girls who have no prior history with people to ask them about new products in a new way and I think they have a greater potential of making that work.
I'm bringing in people who specifically want to see me and are coming in specifically to BUY stuff. That changes my income potential and I'm grateful for that.
I'm thankful for my sweet clients who ask for me and genuinely care about me as a person, not just as their insurance agent. I've had so many ask how I'm doing or where I've been.
Yesterday I met with two new clients - an older couple - and they were just precious. I had such a great time helping them with their insurance... and we're going to save them a lot of money and I feel really good about that.
Another former client is interested in coming back to us after only six months with another company because he misses us... and I had kept good enough records to be able to quote his insurance without interrupting his day.
I'm good at a lot of things. Last week I was feeling very unsure about myself and my abilities. This week I'm realizing that God has gifted me in very specific ways and I know that although I'm not the best in everything I'm uniquely designed to fill a specific role in our agency.
And I'm glad to fill that role for this season of life but I'm not afraid for whenever that season ends.
I trust God to put me where I'm best able to serve Him.
Back to that fearfully and wonderfully made concept.
It's not that we aren't meant to grow and evolve in our lives... we have to appreciate who we are... we can aspire to greater things, equip ourselves for greater things... and still be useful right where we are.

I went back and read something that my Uncle Bill had written about my grandmother's life. Not my Steel Magnolia... but my mom's mom who passed away in 1998. I found a lot of similarities between us and I was so encouraged by the testimony of her life. One thing that really resounded with me was that she had lead somewhat of a nomadic life... circumstances forced her to move time and time again. Her life involved so many changes... and many times of pain and frustration, I'm sure. Her one constant was her relationship with the Lord. He never moved. I love reading her notes in her bible... and seeing how she grew and evolved as a child of God, even when her handwriting grew shaky and she was a "seasoned" citizen. She still kept understanding more about Him. I realize that despite the seasons of change in my life, every time I open up my own big Bible with the crinkled and marked up pages, it's like going home again. It's my anchor. Whenever I let go of it, I feel blown around and unsettled. When I reach for it again... I'm still.

Why is it, do you think, that every time I'm enveloped in anxiety, the Lord whispers to me, "be still". And once I'm still... I find my peace. It's a timeless concept. It's my legacy. No matter what the circumstances... no matter what I have... or don't have... I just have to reach for that anchor and be still... get "me" out of the way and let God work.

I think that's awesome.
Time to go dress in my warm woolies and get ready for work. We're expecting strong, cold wind today and a tiny little dusting of snow overnight. I can see the weekend ahead and I will be able to celebrate my accomplishments this week. I'm so encouraged by that... so grateful to be strong enough to work.
Hope you have a great Thursday and find your anchor for the storms of life!