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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I love Saturday so much that I got up early!

  • Up at 3am thanks to a kitty who *HAD* to get petted and kept tapping me on the face. 
  • I might go back down for a nap. Maybe. I went to sleep crazy early last night. Just crashed and burned. It was a long day. 
  • I'm craving mashed potatoes. Random but true.
  • Someone I dearly love is going through a very dark time. My way of cheering them up: I talked about farting. 
  • Maybe it's the result of being an only girl with four brothers... and then a mom to three boys... I just think there's nothing that can't be cured with a poot. Or a description of a poot. 
  • Austin really, truly, honestly cleaned his room yesterday. 
  • He semi, halfway, sorta cleaned the kitchen. 
  • I am grateful for both. My forks have been found. I now have about two dozen forks in my drawer. For a time I had a fork hidden in my sock drawer because every time I would get ready to eat, I wouldn't be able to find a fork.
  • I found a great huge (about the size of a softball) fake diamond ring for the tree topper on my Valentines day tree.
  • I haven't gotten any comments on my blog this week. *sadface*  I get a few on my link on facebook and that's nice. I love feedback. Who are we kidding? I love affirmation. Praise. Attention. Ha! 
  • Little Kitty loves attention too. That's why I'm up. He still keeps trying to sit on the keyboard. If I read a book... he tries to nonchalantly lay across it. If I'm in the bathroom... he perches on the tub to supervise. If I'm in the bathtub... he whines. He worries about me being in water. If I'm in the shower... he watches. If I put on makeup, he cries. If I put on pantyhose, he tries to get in between me and the pantyhose... he knows it means I'm leaving. Every day when I pull into the driveway he's watching in the window and runs to greet me. He's a great companion. And he's skittish enough that he never tries to run out. Except that one time. Other than that... he runs in the opposite direction if the door is open. 
  • I've been meditating on a particular verse since yesterday. You know how you memorize verses and hear them time and time again and then all of a sudden you think, "whoa... what does that mean?" And for me, right now, that verse is Psalm 23:5, "you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies, you anoint my head with oil, my cup runs over" (Heather version which is a blend of the KJV that we learned in Vacation Bible School and the NIV that I've been studying for the past twenty years)
  • I've been reading commentary on that verse and I'll share some of my thoughts in a separate entry. If you have any thoughts on it... I'd love to hear them. It's sort of the same fascination that I had with the concept of being fearfully and wonderfully made. Why the fearful? And here... why am I eating in front of my enemies? 
  • At any rate. I made it through another week and I don't take that achievement lightly. There was pain, especially toward the end of the day yesterday and Thursday, but it has been better. 
  • My blood pressure this morning is 138/88. I put in a call to my doctor on Thursday morning and haven't heard back about any changes to my bp meds. They called back about Austin's meds that needed to be adjusted and maybe... because I called about two things at the same time... it confused them. I know that's a borderline blood pressure - sort of pre-hypertension - but I just got out of bed in the past hour... I had a good night's sleep... I had a low sodium dinner... I took my bp meds about 10 hours ago... so it should be lower, I think. 
  • My goals for today are to get laundry put away... pick up a few groceries... go to the library... and that's it. 
  • I love Saturday.


Mr Jim's Good Morning said...

You are "fearfully" - meaning "respectfully" or, better yet, "carefully" made. When God formed you in Mama's belly, He knew every cell ... every chromosome ... and placed it just so because He loves you so much. And Mama and I have had the blessing of knowing you and your brothers were formed just that way by our God.

As far as having a table in the presence of enemies, one of the strategies of warfare in David's time was to surround their enemy and starve them to submission or death. I think David is saying that God is providing for him even though he might be surrounded and considered defeated. Sort of a "na-na-nah-na-na" moment.


InWeighOverMyHead said...

I am making sure to leave a comment... :) This is a good update. I like the mashed potatoes part the best.

Bookncoffee said...

Commenting here! I am laughing at the fart/poot statements. That does always lighten a load. Sometimes I wonder if God and the angels in heaven, laugh every time we fart. One of life's greatest funnies! Unless you do it in church. Then it's not funny.. Ha! Hope you are doing well and feeling better.