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My People
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

whiny wednesday- bloom where you are planted

I didn't watch the State of the Union address. I have no confidence in anything our president has to say. I'm weary of the class envy. I'm weary of the Robin Hood mentality. I'm tired of new programs that cost more money.

Does anyone realize that the rich people who are paying 15% are paying that amount on capital gains, not on earned income? In other words... Mr. One Percent makes a salary of $500,000 in 2010 and pays the normal ridiculous tax rate on that money. He wisely invests his money and earns x number of dollars in interest. He has ALREADY paid taxes on that money... but he has to pay taxes again on what he earns from what he earned. If the federal government taxed every dime that every one percenter earned... it wouldn't take care of our deficit. I have to budget based on my realistic potential earnings. So should we as a country.

I had an amazing experience yesterday at work. The whole day wasn't amazing but I prayed my usual prayer that God would bless our agency, profit our agency, make us light and salt in our community and I prayed that God would allow me to be a blessing to someone. My first call for the day was an elderly man who shared something that God had done in his life that led to the purchase of a new car... (after reviewing his coverage and offering State Farm Bank for his vehicle financing) I shared with him something that God had done in my life and we totally bonded as Christians. We shared with each other for a few minutes and he thanked me for encouraging him and I thanked him for the encouragement he gave me! Later in the day he came in to complete his transaction. I was tied up when he first came in and a co-worker (who just happened to be a fellow church member of his) helped him. Before he left, he and his wife wanted to meet me so my co-worker brought him back to see me.

Here's what this experience showed me: no matter the position of my body in the office, it's the position of my heart that either draws people to me or turns people away. I have felt so much discouragement because of my physical disability... No matter how far I can walk, no matter whether or not I'm strong enough to be at work every day. No matter what other people may say about me behind my back ... I have an opportunity every day to be a blessing to someone.

Bloom where you are planted. That's my motto for this year.

Reading in the book of James for my Beth Moore study has reminded me that there is no shame in "humble circumstances". In fact, I know that God has turned every crisis in my life into triumph. Even as I see evidence of losing favor with man, I continually find favor with God. Rich, everlasting, eternal connections that matter far more than any success on earth are placed in front of me on my path like treasures waiting to be discovered... like an Easter egg hunt... it's nothing short of supernatural... but I can only see those treasures when I take my eyes off of myself and adjust my vision to seeing things that God points out.

It's as if some people are destined to be successful on this earth and that is how they draw others to Christ - people such as Truett Cathy, founder of Chickfila. And others find humble circumstances on this earth and by achieving triumph over those circumstances... or living with grace through those circumstances... they provide an example or encouragement to others. This is why the whole class envy - "99 percenter" thing really gets under my skin. I would never have the kind of appreciation for what God could do if I hadn't had a need in my life. Needs. Plural.

Anyways... it's Whiny Wednesday... and that's my complaint, I guess, that we miss the blessing of being who we are, where we are, why we are there and instead allow ourselves to feel ... wait, let me personalize this instead of being general... I allow human perspective to color my perception of who I am and forget that all things work together for good... that no weapon formed against me can prosper... that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and that every day of my life was known to God before it ever came to be. God knew that my marriages would fail. He knew that I would struggle financially. He knew that we would go through a  fire... that my physical body would become weaker and He prepared a way for me through and in spite of all of that.

 I cried on the way home from work yesterday... part exhaustion, part pain, part discouragement. Circumstances have not been kind to me and in my flesh, that hurts. Any discouragement I take upon myself is a failure to recognize God's hand in my life and a failure to bloom where I am planted. I have to keep the perspective that it's not about me... it's about what I can do with what is done to me. Lord, let me be a blessing to someone today.

Have to check in with the pain doctor again today. That's what's on the big agenda for today. I'm sure there will be no big changes with this visit. Just have to validate the use of the tens unit for the insurance. It's a long drive... but I'm sure it will be a good time for adjusting my vision.

Love and hugs, y'all!