My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, January 27, 2012


Remember the guy, Epstein,  on Welcome Back Kotter who always had faked notes from his mom? He died. Gone from a heart attack.

I'm aggravated by the outrage over Paula Deen not announcing her diabetes when she was diagnosed. That's her business. If she's ready now... and if she wants to endorse a drug that is working for her... that's her business too.

I'm shaking my head over Demi Moore. I think she and Ashton were involved in that Kabbalah religion that is sort of a mystic Jewish hybrid. It seems like the breakup with Ashton has been rough on her. I wish she had a faith that would sustain her instead of having to abuse her body.

It makes me sad when people grieve without hope. I have been there. I allowed someone to manipulate me to the extent that I felt alone in the world. That's the thing... it doesn't matter how famous you are or how much money you have... your heart can be broken, your health can fail... everybody needs the hope that someone cares, that things will get better...

A customer who was struggling with paying her bill made the statement to me this week, "I give up" and I told her that was not an option. You have to frame everything in the context of "will this still matter five years from now?" and most of the time, that big hairy monster you're facing will be a tiny dot in your memory once you get a little time, distance and wisdom added to the situation. It might even turn out to be a teachable moment... a transformational situation... something that allows you to evolve to the person you were destined to be.

I was woke up by a headache during the night. It's a really intense, crushing pain in my left temple. Makes me wanna push against it to counter the pain. It's bad enough that I was dreaming that I had a headache... it broke through into my subconscious. I'll take a few advil and soldier on. I've lived with worse.

My blood pressure this morning is 122/81 so I don't think the headache is related to blood pressure. But we  have had a weird weather system come through so that could be it. Sinuses. Who knows? Just pray that it goes away.

Trouble has gotten into the habit of sleeping beside me... like a human... head on the pillow, body stretched out... sometimes even on his back... under the covers. He waits until I'm sound asleep before he sneaks in beside me... it's the cutest thing. He even snores sometimes.

My dad's devotional this morning, Oswald Chambers' devotional this morning, and a bible verse twitter account that I follow all have the same basic theme this morning about relying on God. Matthew 6 - is the reference from Pop and Mr Chambers, if you want to go there. The twitter account is using the same theme from the book of Phillipians. I know sometimes its hard to know where to start in Bible study. This is a great "admonition" and I love when all roads point the same way. That's great confirmation for me that God weaves a beautiful tapestry for us... different threads that come together in a unique way on the same day. I'm alert to those lessons.

I've spent longer on this blog than usual this morning. The pain in my brain is slowing me down a bit. Better publish this thing and get ready for work since I'm moving slow. Eleven short hours and I'll be on the way home. Yay! We made it through another week, y'all! God is good!


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