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My People
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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Newsday Tuesday

It's Newsday Tuesday! We made it through another Monday and now it's the day of the week where I share a few current event items from the Nest and Beyond.

If you live in Florida, go vote. I have no idea who you should vote for but my Uncle Bill who is a poll worker in Okeechobee predicts that the race will be announced for Romney about two minutes after polls close.

Did anyone catch the snippet from last night of Romney singing "God Bless America"? Let's just summarize it by saying that he's no Donny and Marie. Not all Mormons can sing, apparently.

Conversely, I thought Obama's version of "Let's Stay Together" was great. In fact... I think he should forget this whole political career and go into the music biz.

My Little Kitty, Trouble, is whiny this morning. He must think it's Wednesday. He wants us to go back to bed. I do too.

But today is a big day for me... my (hopefully) last visit with the surgeon. Nothing like starting your day with an anal exam. (I'll give you all a few seconds to get that image out of your mind). I'm definitely feeling better.

While I was in that horribly rough patch right after the local anesthetic came off and the prescription of narcotics ran out every time I went to the bathroom it was AGONY. You can't even imagine the pain. My friend Pam, God love her, brought me over a squirt bottle that had previously held some hair product that she uses on her curly hair. It was TRASH ... something she was about to throw out... and it has made all the difference in the world for me. One man's trash is truly another man's treasure! I'm still not a fan of toilet paper ...

Which makes me even more aware of how beautifully God works in our lives to meet all of our needs and how He brings people into our lives for a purpose... even if that purpose is making it easier to go to the bathroom. True story. And it shows how easy it is to be a blessing to others. The simplest, smallest effort on your part may make a huge difference for someone else. You just have to be yielded enough to see these opportunities. I'm sure glad that Pam did!

I have another friend from waaay back, Sharon, who is always looking for solutions for the issues I bring up in my blog and a lot of her suggestions are really good. It means a lot that she reads my blog with an eye toward making a difference in my life.

There are a lot of people like that in my life... the ones who email me or message me or perform little acts of kindness toward me... and they add together to a really, enormously blessed life.

My blood pressure remains in what is classified as stage 1 hypertension. The doctor called yesterday and asked if it was still high. Duh. Yeah. I didn't really say "duh" to the doctor, I only wanted to. He asked me to keep a record of it for a week, first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening and then call him back next Monday. I have consistently tracked my blood pressure for the last month and have a half dozen high readings recorded in medical offices ...  but... sure... I'll do it for another week to show what I already know. Whatever.

They did finally get Austin's new medicine called in. His toe is healing well, considering that he's a strict flipflop wearer. The meds they had given him to help him sleep was just too strong. So now I have to find time to run to Cleveland to pick up his new prescription. Maybe tomorrow.

And we got child support yesterday! Yay! God is good!

I've started thinking about how I'm going to make up that loss of money in my budget once the child support train derails for good. Ideally... once a child no longer gets child support, they should be relatively self-supporting. Austin is a long way from earning any income. He will go into a vocational rehab program after he graduates but for now, our focus is one hundred percent on getting his diploma. The other day when I mentioned having to pay $50 for his gown, mortarboard and tassel for his graduation and he said, "If I decide to walk in graduation" to which I said, "oh, let me make it clear to you... this is NOT optional". I have worked to hard for this. (Sing out, Louise!) (You have to have seen Gypsy for that to make sense)

Anyways... I've decided to work at being what Austin calls, "Coupon Crazy". One of my co-workers showed me one of the tricks that these mega-savers use and I'm definitely going to explore that whole concept further. I'm not talking about stockpiling enough laundry detergent for an entire village... I'm just talking about looking for savings on products that we typically buy anyways. I think we also need to plant a few tomato plants and do just some very basic gardening. We eat a lot of produce and it makes sense to provide what we can for ourselves. Beyond that...  I've got to look into some other ways to earn money that won't translate into me being on my feet. I'm praying on it. Austin's got a green thumb so he could easily do the gardening. We just have to find a sunny spot.

AND ... I almost forgot... Today is my Aunt Ginger's birthday! It's a milestone birthday for her... I won't say which one but Ginger, don't forget that our office sells Medicare Supplement policies! Happy Birthday!

I guess that's all the news for today... hope you all have a great day and remember, if you're in Georgia and you want to compare your insurance rates.... call me... Mama's gotta pay for Austin's graduation gear!

Love and hugs, y'all!


Pamela Walden said...

Just so you think your friend Pam made a little sacrifice for you, I actually emptied out the contents of that bottle for you to use. Seemed like the least I could do to help a hurting friend. I probably should have gone to the store and gotten you a really nice, big bottle that would hold more than a cup of water! Sob sob! HA! So glad I could help and so very thankful that you're beginning to feel a lot better.

Heather said...

Extra brownie points for that! I hope no hair product was lost in the process??? We curly girls can't sacrifice a good hair product!