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My People
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Monday, January 16, 2012

reasons to love Monday

I may have already shared this story but I am nevertheless reminded of it every year on this day... back in 10th grade I was standing at my locker and a friend, Sonya Carter, mentioned, "man, we shouldn't even be at school on this day"... confused... I asked why... "because it's Dr. King's birthday" ... and I said, "who?".

I had no idea. To be fair, I also didn't know who Elvis was when the neighbor kid came over to tell us he was dead.

Since then, as we all know, Dr King's birthday was made a holiday to be celebrated on the third Monday in January. And here we are...

I have never worked for a company that celebrated the holiday. I will be at work today and I'm praying that because many people are off today that I'll have more success with my marketing.

Yesterday I was still feeling a bit feverish and weak. I was intentionally lazy to make sure I reserved my strength for the upcoming work week. I did make a run into town to pick up lunch as I was craving (of all things) mashed potatoes. I took the long way into town because our church service was on the AM Radio... it wasn't the current week (I don't think) but it was still great encouragement.

I also watched about a half dozen other sermons on tv or online. I tease that I am "homechurched" but yesterday, I really was and it was a great blessing to me.

I have a confession to make. I don't know if this is a lead up to a calling but all of a sudden I am FASCINATED with people who are in full time Christian service. Beth Moore - and her staff. A childhood friend who works for Lifeway (Christian publishing) with the VBS materials. I would LOVE that job! People who sing and travel the country performing. Angie Smith and her writing. I just see so much joy in those jobs. To know that you get to make your faith your source of income... that to me is incredibly appealing.

Of course... it's important to note... all of these people did what I didn't do: they got a college degree to equip them to serve the Lord in the way they are gifted and called. I told you... I don't particularly see this as a calling but I do see it as a way to create a hunger in me for doing what I can where I am. Any job can be a mission field if your heart is yielded to God and focused on Him. Even a NFL Quarterback (see yesterday's post).

So let's talk about my reasons to love Monday this week:

1. After a successful week last week, I am more confident in my ability to work a full week.
2. My back pain has been practically non-existent over the weekend. Either the rest or the new medication I'm on has finally been the treatment that worked. For now... I'm grateful.
3. We don't have staff meeting this week... regular start time! Woohoo.
4. Austin is out of school today due to the holiday. No dealing with him this morning and he has promised to do some work around the house.
5. I slept really well and am on a much more normal, reasonable sleep schedule. My 8-4 schedule is now more like 10-6... and I'm sleeping good. Not waking up multiple times during the night. Really sleeping.
6. Since the New Year has come I have to meet my deductible again. I was worried about the cost of my meds... I am on six medications a day... I got three of them refilled and the total cost was $18. That was really encouraging to me. I know one of the others is super cheap but the one that is my "miracle drug", the one that I think is super expensive, I haven't refilled it yet as I still have plenty on hand and my doctor gave me samples as well.
7. I ate well yesterday. Actually. I ate well over the whole weekend. My appetite has returned but I still have a little apprehension about the digestive process so I am still eating smaller meals than usual. This has to be a good thing (the smaller meals). My strength seems to be returning in direct proportion to how/what/how much I eat.
8. I received so much encouragement yesterday by just immersing myself in different teachings that were on tv and online. I'm realizing that my strength is returning in direct proportion to what I put into my mind, not just what I put into my body.
9. My "surgical site" is still tender but healing. There is still some drainage which I understand is normal. I'm ready for THAT to end and everything to be normal. One hundred percent normal. I'm closer today than I was last week to complete recovery. I'm excited about every day that passes that brings me closer to where I need to be physically. My strength seems to be returning based on how I respect and respond to my body.
10. My car is running good. Huge blessing after last Monday's drama.

I'm praying that you are starting your week with a confident and peaceful heart. Whether it's a day at work for you... or a day at home... or even, like my sweet friend, Cheryl, a day for grieving... I pray that you feel God's presence in your life. Invite Him to spend the day with you... and I will pray the same.

Happy Monday, y'all!