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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, January 23, 2012

Reasons to Love Monday - from the time machine

Well, Monday... we meet again.
It's been a long night. I was wide awake at 1:30 am, fell asleep again at 4am and woke up at 6:30.
My back is KILLING me. Just when I thought I'd licked that problem... just when I thought I was going to be able to report a miraculous healing to my doctor... here we are again. I'm using the tens unit this morning and it helps (the tens unit is a small electronic device that delivers electronic pulses to the muscles).
I'm going to need to drive Austin to school because the weather is horribly stormy.
Austin has a doctors appointment today to check on an ingrown toenail that is horribly infected (red, swollen, draining stuff). *apparently the word of the day is "horribly)
We're going to also address his inability to fall asleep. He's had this problem his entire life but asked that I not make him take meds for it when we moved here... now he is realizing that he needs to be back on meds for it.
I made coffee when I first got up this morning and forgot to empty the unused coffee from yesterday out of the pot. It overflowed... what a mess!
And I'm supposed to be coming up with Reasons to Love Monday so let me stop this Personal Pity Party and get on topic.

1. We bought the cutest little onesie for Iridessa that has a picture of a cupcake and says, "My first valentines day". So excited for Austin to give that to Logan today!

2. I found metallic silver sharpies which may be my number one favorite writing utensil ever! I don't know what I'm going to use them for but I've got them in my purse for whatever opportunity presents itself.

3.  Don't you love that little face? Can't wait to get back home to him after work.

4. My Christmas tree is now a Valentines Day tree. I think it's awesome!

5. This picture of my great-great grandparents - as described by my Uncle Bill - makes me feel connected to my past
This is Louisa McCubbin and he husband, John Pennington taken prior to her death in 1929. These are Dad's paternal grandparents and Dad is the photographer. The scene is Hulbert OK at Granddad's (William J's) gas station.

6. My grandmother with her two oldest children, Uncle Al and Uncle Bill, in 1937. She would have been 27 and in this picture she looks JUST LIKE my mom - I love seeing her like this, young and nurturing.

7. This picture is way cool too... my great-grandfather, William Judson Pennington and his siblings. He was born in 1878. Uncle Bill is named after him.
 Fanny is his older sister. Ethel and Lula are the other sisters. Jim is the other brother and Leo is the other one. All were born in MO except Leo who was born in Oregon. I suspect picture may have been taken in Miller Co., MO when Will married Alice Clow in 1905. 

So my reasons to love Monday are beyond the tangible and the present day. I look at these who came before me and realize that the struggles and sacrifices they made, made my life possible. I love seeing my ancestors. I'm discouraged that the pain is back but I also know that I can make it through. And I know it's not by chance or circumstance that today is the day I scheduled for Austin's doctors appointment. I won't be sitting as long as I normally would. 

Y'all. I'm just telling you... God is good. That's my biggest reason to love Monday. Have a great one!


Pamela Walden said...

Hang in there today, Heather. Remember, don't doubt in the darkness what you knew to be true in the light! Healing just takes time and sometimes it requires a step or two backwards.

Hey, this is totally random, but did I see Tresemme Bouncy Curls in your shower? That stuff is awesome--and it's in mine, too! Now you've got something to laugh about on me today! Love ya, Pam