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My People
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

whiny wednesday - so sick of my nest

Two weeks have gone by.
It was another "up all night" for me.
The pain is back again but not as bad.
Is that the "two steps forward, one step back" that people keep telling me about?
It's still frigid cold out - sixteen degrees.
I know a lot of you live in places where you get much colder weather - I imagine you have proper clothing for such weather. Austin could only find one long sleeved shirt in his wardrobe. I have a big thick winter coat but I can't find it. He doesn't own a coat. I've tried to buy one for him but he refuses.
Little Kitty - Trouble - has been sleeping under the covers with me which I find adorable. He has also been "helping" to undecorate the Christmas tree which is less adorable. He will search the tree... find an ornament and swat at it until it comes off the tree. He then chases the ornament down, picking it up in his mouth if possible, and carries it to his little hoard under my bed.
I want to try to go to work today. I can't sit at all right now so that is pure folly. Part of my problem is that the piriformis syndrome affects my right cheek so I can't lean to the right off center... and my sciatica affects the left side so I can't lean to the left... I sort of counter it in my recliner by sort of balancing,  putting my weight more on my back but that's where there bulging discs are. I can't stay in that position for long.
I think I should have discussed more in depth with the surgeon how recovery could be impacted by my back problems. We did discuss position during surgery because I knew that if I was unconscious and they moved me in a position that put my weight or a lot of pressure on those damaged discs that I might come out with a whole lot more trouble.
They didn't and honestly, not sitting for the past two weeks has really helped my back. I haven't had near the amount of back pain that I was having. I've had some muscle spasms when I stay in one position too long but the pressure on my back has been much, much better.
In the whole scheme of things, where God works things out for our good, I wonder if these other issues causing me an extended period of rest was divine design.
The two places where the pain pump went in are both irritated again... I'm worried about those spots, especially since they oozed so much in the days after the pump came out. The doctors office said that was normal. I just don't think anything oozing is normal.
I go back to the doctor on Friday. If I could go earlier, I would. Surgeons, though, you know, have such tight schedules.
I watched a lot of caucus coverage last night. I like Rick Santorum. My fear is that nobody is strong enough to take a commanding lead for the Republican party - or that they will beat each other up so bad in the process - and we'll have four more years of Obama.
It's amazing to think about the fact that this contest last night went down to an 8 vote difference. Every vote really does count.
Austin just took the trash out in his boxers. He's on that vampire sleep schedule where he's up all night and sleeps all day. I, quite frankly, don't mind him sleeping all day as I haven't had the energy to entertain him and he is mostly quiet overnight when he's awake. I just see it as one of those teen things... rights of passage... sleeping all day and staying up all night. Soon enough his life will change and he won't be able to do that.
I've been keeping track of baby Dessa via facebook and it looks like her mom and dad are crazy about her and are taking great care of her. She has red hair - and you know what a sucker I am for little girls with red hair!
I haven't seen much of Sarabeth or Jamie since surgery. They came by to exchange Christmas gifts but they were both sort of timid around me, afraid to hurt me. Jamie's birthday party is Saturday, I hope I will be up to going. She's 7. I missed one of her birthday parties - back when we were in Jacksonvillle - and it broke my heart. I have somehow misplaced my memory card for my camera, though, and I need to find that before  then. I know it's in this house because I took pictures on Christmas Eve.
I ate slightly better yesterday... yogurt and half of a kashi frozen meal. that's not really better, I guess. I just don't have any appetite nor do I have the energy to fix anything. Pretty much everything in our house is past date so I have to do some food shopping. I also need to clean out the refrigerator.
I just need to be well. That's all.