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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, November 12, 2012

Reasons to Love Monday

It was a long day... although only 5 hours, I got a lot done and am ready to tackle these two 8 hour days that I'm facing tomorrow and Wednesday. I know a lot of y'all work a lot more than that every work day of every week and I wish I still could. I have to remind myself to "grade on a curve" and not measure my accomplishments against the average worker.... but instead against what doctors have told me I could and should be able to do. Everything I do was more than anyone (including myself) thought I'd be able to do at this point. Sixteen hours stand between me and a five day "yabba dabba do" and I'm going to find a way to push past the pain and get this training that will make me better at what I do and more valuable to the folks I work with and for. I really do love my job.

I didn't have time this morning to crank out a blog entry and it's been a Monday... but a blessed Monday to be sure. I don't want to miss the opportunity to share the things that gave me a Reason to Love Monday.

1. It's Monday but I've already fulfilled my employment obligation for the day.
2. I had an online class to complete today in the midst of preparing to be out of the office for the next week. I read fast. It was a sprint but I fulfilled my educational obligation for the day.
3. I was starving when I left work. The little pack of trail mix I had at 8am had long since run out before 2pm. I stopped and picked up Captain D's and it really hit the spot.
4. I knew I had a little bit of commission coming my way and a few extra hours that would go on this paycheck but is it any small coincidence that the amount of extra on my paycheck equals the cost of the new laptop I want/need?
5. A family member who had received a scary medical diagnosis recently, today was given some very optimistic news about their prognosis. God is good.
6. I wore a new dress today and had time to actually fix my hair. Feeling pretty makes for a better day!
7. Oscar the Wiener dog is curled up beside me in the Nest.
8. Lily, our big canine furgirl, has had some really ugly wounds where she has been gnawing herself. It was really looking bad last week but it is much, much better today. She is no longer having to wear the cone of shame which makes for a much more peaceful house. (Although she woke us all up at different times last night.)
9. It's going to be a great week. I just know it! Today was just the start of good things ahead.

Hope your Monday is flying by and that you're feeling a sense of peace and accomplishment today, as I am. No matter what obstacles lie ahead of us this week... we can do it!