My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, November 19, 2012

Reasons to Love Monday

At first we had days ahead of us here in Neverland... and then it was hours.... and now I'm watching the minutes fly by. I am glad to go home but I just haaaaaate to leave our little Mountain Sanctuary. I carefully planned the time of departure and my activities to that point... packing... loading the car... etc... and I am quickly approaching the end of cyber-socializing this morning. ARRRGH!

And yet, it's Monday and most of us here in the U.S. (waves to Wendy "down under") have a short work week, if any work at all this week. To give us all an inspiration, I'll set forth, for your perusal, a few Reasons to Love Monday.

1. Unless you're in retail (and thank the good Lord, I'm not!) this will be a short week. If you're in retail, God bless you and keep you safe as the hoards of greedy consumers descend upon you.

2. Thanksgiving is the biggest family holiday we celebrate. As I've gotten older and my cousins have grown up and married and made little nuclear families of their own, we don't do the whole "multi-generational" Christmas. We have our largest gathering of the year at Thanksgiving and I'm so glad to see those folks. There are a few more I would LOVE to add to the party (waves at Cousin Melissa in Alabama) but I count it a blessing to have time with the family.

3. Have I mentioned that Austin is leaving tomorrow? I'm gonna miss him but I'm sooo excited for the adventure ahead of him with his big brother and fair lady Sara and my friend Charlie and so forth. I'm sure this will be a trip that he remembers the rest of his life.

4. My fabulous friend Beth, through whom I live vicariously via Facebook, has a week of fabulous Christmas parties ahead of her... Viscount Linley's party, Prince Albert of Monaco, Mayor Boris Johnson (the Mayor of London) and I can't wait to see photos of Beth in her fancy party clothes! To think... 26 years ago we were trying to find a table in the school cafeteria... and now she's living the high society life! It can happen, people!

5. My new computer is coming! Today or tomorrow!

6. I'm going to have a positive attitude about the doctor appointment today. I'm believing for good things.

7. I think we're having breakfast at Panera afterwards. Maybe.

8. I'm going to see my Little Kitty in just a few hours! (and my mom and dad and Cody and Marquee and all the other fur babies) I wonder if he'll be watching in the window for me like he does sometimes!

Ok... that's all we have time for... must do a semi-glam so I don't look like a raving crackhead at the doctors office... time to go! Love and hugs and Happy Monday, y'all!